5 Reasons Why Winter is the Best Time to Book Your Wedding

Elaine Bell

Elaine Bell

Content Manager at Together & Company

Have you ever considered booking your wedding in the winter? When everywhere seems to be completely booked, we have a little trade secret we’re going to clue you in on: the off-season.

A warmly lit social hall with contemporary crystal chandeliers is in glamorous decoration for a NYE wedding reception. Candles are in tall glass flutes on tables; a black napkin is at every seat at white linen-draped tables; A black and white checkered dance floor can be seen off to the right; tall vases of green and white florals are at the center of each table; and two bright spotlights light up the room.

The Fives all decked out for Amanda and Jeremy’s New Year’s Eve wedding. Photo by Derk’s Works

January through March is what we in the wedding world call the “off-season”. It’s the time of year when there are more opportunities for couples to book a wedding than any other time, across the board at any venue. For years we wondered why this is the case, because having spoken to thousands of couples  about their wedding goals, we know that winter wedding season can be a best-case-scenario as a time to book your wedding!

We want to share with you all our insider knowledge on the advantages to having a winter wedding. So we put together 5 reasons why winter is the best to book your wedding!

1. Why wait to tie the knot?

You just got engaged and you’re eager to do some research and nail down a wedding venue. You had all these gorgeous venues in mind for summer or fall but each one is telling you they’re booked until a year or more from now.

Venues have winter openings!

We’re here to tell you that your wedding timeline doesn’t have to be that long! Ask the venues on your list if they have any openings this winter. What they might not be telling you is that they probably have a date or two open just six months out or less! And trust us, they’ll want you in there. This leads us to our next reason…

A couple stands at the end of their wedding aisle, kissing at the end of their ceremony. A best man is to the right of the groom and applauds as they embrace. Guests in chairs to the left and right applaud as well. Behind the couple are flowing white drapes with light coming through softly, and a white frame-like altar piece decorated with white flowers.

Jade and Justin’s March wedding ceremony at The Fives. Photo by Ohio Comfort Photography.

2. Negotiations are on the table

When a wedding venue is trying to fill up open spots during their “off-season”, they will probably be more likely to reduce their booking minimums. This means you might be able to get your favorite venue without compromising other areas of your budget.

Wanting a smaller guest count?

This strategy is also advantageous if you desire a more intimate wedding. If you’re wanting a lower guest count without sacrificing elegant surroundings, winter is the time to book that wedding venue you’ve had your eye on. During the winter months, venues are more likely to make an exception for their guest count minimums.

3. Make your guests an automatic "yes"

You know how it gets once wedding season hits. Other weddings, family commitments, vacations – and how does that one friend always end up in Europe every summer?! Sometimes you don’t want to book your wedding *too* soon because you know how busy everyone already is this year.

Host the event of the season

In the months of January, February, and March, guess what people are up to? They’re stuck at home, bummed out after the highs of the holidays, and awaiting spring to attend social events. Not only will they most definitely be able to attend, your winter wedding will be the first highlight of their year!

A black and white photo of a couple walking down the aisle after their ceremony in an industrial room with brick walls and two-tiered candelabra-style chandeliers. They are celebrating and smiling at their friends and family as they walk. Guests stand and applaud around them.

Chelsea and Chris walk down the aisle together at the High Line Car House. Photo by Jessica Miller Photography.

4. Winter Ambiance Perks (That's right, we said "perks"!)

Warm winters at The Fives

We’ll state the obvious here. From January to March, not only is it cold here in Ohio, it also gets dark earlier! At a venue like The Fives, this poses the perfect ambiance for a sparkling soirée, whether you’re sashaying away in the Social Hall or partying it up on the Terrace with the city of Columbus lighting the night sky.

“When we started thinking about the time of year we wanted our wedding we always discussed the summer or fall season. Once we started actually planning our wedding we thought why not New Year's Eve? It never would have crossed our mind but after setting up an initial chat with Together & Co. it was a no brainer. From scheduling the first viewing of the venues, coordinating the delicious taste testings, creating detailed floor plans, addressing any concerns about weather with a plan of action – Together & Co. was there every step of the way to help us create the wedding of our dreams!”
Amanda & Jeremy
The Fives Wedding Couple
Amanda and Jeremy take over a black and white checkered dance floor for their first dance. Jeremy holds Amanda's hand as she spins out away from him, her dress spiraling out under her. Guests watch with admiration behind them in the romantically lit Social Hall at the Fives.

Amanda and Jeremy share a dance – In winter, the glittering crystal chandeliers above you won’t be competing with the sunset by the time you have your first dance. Photo by Derk’s Works.

Cozy celebrations at the High Line Car House

Alternatively, you can choose a venue like the High Line Car House for a warm celebration with brick walls and industrial touches that will charm you and your guests twice as much during the blustery winter months. In the winter, the sun dips below the city as your ceremony begins, giving the perfect opportunity for your photographer to take award-winning photos that capture the warm, candle-lit moment.

Chelsea and Chris walk hand and hand down a brick street next to the High Line Car House before their wedding. Chelsea is wearing a white dress and a brown fur shawl; Chris is wearing a black suit and a red tie. Their wedding party walks in a line across the street behind them, smiling.
Chelsea is escorted down the aisle, smiling, with a bouquet of green, red, and white florals. Guests are all standing as she approaches the front of the room, out of frame.
Chelsea and Chris hold hands at the front of the Social Hall at the High Line Car House during their wedding ceremony. To the left and right of them is their bridal party, all turned towards them as they make their vows. Wedding guests are seated under two-tiered candelabra chandeliers and watching the ceremony.
Chelsea and Chris share a kiss outside the High Line Car House in Columbus Ohio. Behind them is a blurred brick street and old urban buildings. Chelsea is wearing a brown fur shawl and carrying a bouquet of white, red, and green florals. Chris is in a black suit and red tie.
Chelsea is twirling outside the High Line Car House in her white wedding dress and brown fur shawl. She is smiling as she spins, her skirt in one hand and her bouquet of red, white, and green florals in the other. Behind her is a charcoal painted brick wall and weathered, industrial wood siding.
Guests reach across a long dining table inside the High Line Car House to cheers with champagne glasses.

Chelsea and Chris celebrate their winter wedding at the High Line Car House. Award-winning photos by Jessica Miller Photography

Make your theme match the scene

Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to select contrasting, romantic hues in your floral palette. Deep red flowers and frosty greenery sprinkled over tables and woven throughout the room will highlight those classic winter vibes for your perfect evening. Or you can go with a more neutral, cozy palette to coordinate with the warm brick hues in the Main Hall. The High Line Car house is a versatile space so you can customize your decor however your winter visions see fit! 

Doug wraps his arms around Rachel outside the High Line Car House. There is snow on the ground, and Rachel smiles and looks off to her left. She is holding a bouquet of frosty green, white, and dark red florals.
A view down a long candlelit table dressed with greenery woven between tea lights. The room is dimly lit by two-tiered candelabra chandeliers. This table is framed by two other long tables along the sides of the room.
Rachel stands in front of the altar by herself, looking off to the right, holding her bouquet low. Behind her are tall dark curtains that let the sunlight shine into the room.
A closeup of Rachel's bouquet in her hands. The bouquet is filled with white and red roses, cushioned with frosty green accents. In the blurred background, there is snow on the ground.
A sign at the entrance of the High Line Car House that reads "Welcome to the Wedding of Rachel & Doug". It is framed by copper pipe and accented with greenery.

If snow becomes part of the forecast for your evening like Rachel and Doug, you get to capture uniquely magical moments with your photographer that can’t be created any other time of year. Photos by Ashley West Photography, Florals by Madison House Designs.

Check out our list of venue partners to imagine yourself having your wedding in their spaces around Columbus this winter.

5. Seasonal menu features

Something that often doesn’t get showcased when inquiring about a winter wedding is that some caterers offer seasonal features on their menus. There are many warm winter dishes and flavors that only get brought out a few months out of the year. We’ve got some seriously delectable items on our seasonal menus to inspire you for your winter wedding menu. Some of our favorite appetizers like Potato Croquettes and sides like our Cauliflower & Gruyere Gratin aren’t available during other seasons. So we get really excited when couples have the opportunity to choose them from our winter menu.

Custom cocktails, the ultimate crowdpleaser

And let’s not forgot custom cocktails. Our beverage concierge is always stoked to help you concoct the perfect cold weather signature beverage. It’s just another way you can put an exclusive and warming touch on your special day.

A lineup of winter hors d'oeuvres sit on a long gold plate. There is greenery out of focus in the backround
A mix of Together and Company winter hors d'oeuvres from year's past. There is a multi-tiered cupcake stand that holds mini baguette sandwiches and various small bites. In the foreground is a cheese and cracker plate and chicken and waffle skewers.
A winter menu meal from year's past sits on a white dish. It is a roasted chicken leg quarter garnished with cranberries and onions atop a bed of roasted asparagus and creamy mashed potatoes. In the background is a glass of white wine.

Some of our favorite winter dishes and hors d’oeuvres from years past.

Share our secrets

We’ve given you all we know about why winter is the best time to book your wedding. Share this post with another newly engaged couple who you know are looking for the best time to book! We are all about people having a wedding experience that is filled with ease, fantastic food, and time well spent together. And if this got you curious about what your wedding could look like this winter, fill out an inquiry form and one of our event partners will be in touch. We can’t wait to fulfill all your winter wonderland visions!

A view of the Social Hall at the High Line Car House decorated with string lights and lit evergreen trees. A couple stands at the front of the room, holding hands at their altar, as the bridal party and wedding guests watch.

Tarin & Andy celebrate their winter wedding with stunning winter decor at The High Line Car House. Photo by Hailey Lauren Photography.

While the marriage bells keep ringing…

Inquire about your winter wedding today!

Elaine Bell creates stories through writing and social media content for Together & Company after being an event server and baker for the team. She is passionate about storytelling and considers herself a multi-hyphenate creative. In her writing she loves to connect the dots and offer helpful resources for readers looking for the best way to host their event. You can follow her on LinkedIn or reach out directly to

Header photo by Ashley West Photography. Florals by Madison House Designs.

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