How to Order the Right Catering for Your Company Holiday Party

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As an HR Professional, I have planned many company holiday parties. While fun and rewarding, I have always found the task of ordering the catering to be somewhat overwhelming. Will there be enough food? Did I choose enough variety? Am I accommodating everyone’s dietary restrictions? And most importantly, am I ordering something that will make the team happy at their company’s holiday party? Over my years of working in the field I have learned the solution to all of these concerns:

Choose a catering partner who guides you in the right direction

Now when planning a company event, I always look for a catering partner who will provide guidance and expertise on creating the right menu to take the guess work out of my planning. It just so happens that I now work for a company that does this exact thing (meta, I know). Choosing to order your catering from Together & Company, you get a dedicated partner for a stress-free planning process that is sure to leave your team feeling appreciated.

You can simply tell one of our Sales & Event Partners the type of holiday party you are planning, expected headcount, and general ideas of what you’d like to serve. The team will provide suggestions for the perfect menu, giving you multiple options to choose from at different price points.

Make the party seasonal

If you want light seasonal appetizers for an upscale holiday party for your corporate team of 50 people, our team may suggest something like the following:

Sample Seasonal Menu


Apple & Sage Gingersnap

Crisp gingersnap topped 50 each with apple onion jam, crema, and fried sage

Parmesan Herb Chicken Bite

Parmesan & panko crusted fried chicken bites, skewered or plattered with lemon aioli dipping sauce

Charred Vegetable Skewer

Charred trio of seasonal vegetables skewered together with a maple cayenne drizzle 

Cranberry Mint Brie Phyllo Cup

Cranberry ginger chutney, double cream brie, sugared cranberry and mint garnish

Petite Beef Wellington

Beef and mushroom filled puff pastry served with a Worcestershire aioli

Potato Croquette

Deep fried potato croquette loaded with cheddar and chives, served with dill cream dipping sauce

Holiday Bruschetta

Fresh baguette, focaccia, tomato bruschetta, whipped feta & cranberry spread, ginger-beet insalata, herbed mozzarella pearls, balsamic olive oil


Holiday Treat Platter

Espresso brownie bites, blondie bars, red velvet whoopie pies, coconut macaroons, molasses cookies, lemon crinkle cookies & white chocolate peppermint bark

A closeup of crisp ginger snaps in a circle on a white plate. Each snap is topped with apple onion jam, crema, and a fried sage leaf.

Appetizers for everyone

Alternatively for the same party size, the hors d’oeuvres can be more bountiful, to add variety and provide enough food that could replace a meal for your party attendees. If this is an option that interests you, our team might suggest a menu like this:

Sample Seasonal Menu


Cranberry Mint Brie Phyllo Cup

Cranberry ginger chutney, double cream brie, sugared cranberry and mint garnish

Caesar Salad Endive Cup

Chopped caesar salad served in an endive scoop with crispy parmesan

Ohio Chicken Meatball Skewer

Signature Ohio chicken meatball simmered in sesame sweet chili sauce

Candied Bacon and Melon Skewer

Thick cut candied bacon paired with fresh melon

Stuffing Muffin

Herb stuffing baked mini muffins drizzled with french onion gravy

Shrimp Skewer

Sesame shrimp with sweet chili glaze

Charred Vegetable Skewer

Charred trio of seasonal vegetables skewered together with a maple cayenne drizzle

Mac & Cheese Cup

Creamy mac & cheese served in a crisp parmesan cup

Baguette Board

Includes a fried shrimp baguette with preserved paw-paw slaw and sriracha aioli, roasted turkey baguette with cranberry relish, smoked pork belly baguette with shaved fennel & pomegranate molasses. Served with pickles, olives, sea salt roasted vegetable chips, pretzel bites, maple whole grain mustard & blue cheese dip. 


Rum Fruit Cupcake

Eggnog Tartlet

Tiramisu Chocolate Truffle

A lineup of winter hors d'oeuvres sit on a long gold plate. There is greenery out of focus in the backround

Even a meal can be easy

If you’re wanting to share a simple but meaningful sit-down meal to show your employees appreciation, we’re offering Holiday Meal Bundles this year.

It’s super simple: You select two entrées and three sides from our Holiday Meal Bundle menu, and our team delivers and sets up a crowd-pleasing feast that’s easy to clean up. After ordering, all you have to do is enjoy the meal with the team and hear about how great the food is.

Now that’s a tool I wish I had when ordering catering in previous jobs!

We're here for your catering needs

Whatever your holiday party catering needs are, Together & Company is here to listen, guide, and deliver. Without lifting a finger, your company party will have seasonal flavors that’ll have everyone talking until you order again next year. It’s as simple as that!

See how easy it can be to button up your company holiday party catering.

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Sarah Matousek is an HR professional with a passion for employee development and engagement. At Together & Company she leads initiatives around training, hiring and culture. Sarah also serves on the company’s DEI Council. You can follow her on LinkedIn or reach out to her directly at

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