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Hors d’Oeuvres

Start your event with impeccable appetizers.

Mac & Cheese Cup

Classic mac & cheese served in a crisp parmesan cup VEG

Spicy Corn Salsa Cup

Spicy corn salsa tossed with cotija cheese, served in a tortilla cup VEG/GF

Charred Vegetable Skewer

Charred trio of seasonal vegetables skewered together with a maple cayenne drizzle VEG/V+/GF/DF

Seasonal Succotash Chip

Seasonal succotash salad spooned over a Saratoga chip VEG/V+/GF/DF

Tomato Pesto Palmier

Coin of flaky puff pastry spiraled with basil pesto and topped with fresh tomato bruschetta VEG

Ohio Chicken Meatball Skewer

Signature Ohio chicken meatball simmered in sesame sweet chili sauce 

Parmesan Herb Chicken Bite

Parmesan & panko crusted fried chicken with lemon aioli dipping sauce 

Candied Bacon Melon Skewer

Thick cut candied bacon paired with fresh melon GF/DF

Petite BLT Potato

Petite potatoes filled with sour cream, crispy bacon, roasted kale and pickled tomatoes GF

Sesame Shrimp Skewer

Marinated shrimp brushed with sweet chili glaze GF/DF

Classic Crab Cake

Jumbo lump crab, panko crusted and served with lemon caper aioli 

Tuna Poke Crisp

Tuna poke with carrot-scallion slaw, garnished with toasted sesame seeds DF

Kahlua Pork Crisp

Roasted kahlua pork with grilled pineapple salsa and topped with chipotle lime aioli 

Shredded Short Rib Crisp

Shredded short rib with carrot-scallion slaw and topped with chipotle lime aioli 

Balsamic Beef and Roasted Tomato Skewer

Balsamic beef skewered with an olive oil roasted tomato GF/DF

VEG vegetarian   V+ vegan   GF gluten free    DF dairy free

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Seasonal Hors d’Oeuvres

Begin with a bite of the season’s freshest ingredients.

Strawberry Basil Brie Phyllo Cup

Strawberry preserves and double cream brie topped with a basil garnish VEG

English Pea Arancini

Fried rice fritter with spring peas served with lemon aioli VEG

Spring Tabbouleh Cucumber Cup

Cucumber cup filled with a tabbouleh mix of spring pea, chopped mint, parsley, tomato, and bulgar tossed with lemon juice and olive oil VEG/V+/DF

Sambal Pork Meatball

Spicy pork meatball tossed in a sweet & sour glaze DF

Chorizo Stuffed Peppers

Petite peppers stuffed with spicy chorizo and drizzled with cilantro crema 


Chicken Potsticker

Chicken potsticker sautéed in sesame oil and served with yuzu dipping sauce DF

Petite Chicken Satay

Chicken satay with raspberry thyme glaze GF/DF

Tenderloin Au Poivre

Peppercorn-crusted beef with bleu cheese aioli on a kettle-style potato chip GF

Smoked Brisket & Tomato Tart

Smoked brisket and tomato ragout in a mini tartlet

VEG vegetarian   V+ vegan   GF gluten free    DF dairy free
March – June
Apricot Lavender Brie Phyllo Cup

Lavender apricot preserves, double cream brie VEG

Stuffed Shishito Peppers

Charred shishito pepper, whipped berry boursin filling VEG/GF

Sweet Potato Arancini

Fried sweet potato and rice fritter served with a chipotle aioli VEG

Stuffed Pickled Beet

Pickled beet stuffed with walnut herb gremolata VEG/V+/GF/DF +contains nuts

Mushroom Pesto Palmier

Coin of flaky puff pastry, goat cheese, and rich mushroom duxelle VEG

Tuscan Meatball

Traditional Italian meatball made with beef and pork, tomato pesto 

Bacon Wrapped Peaches

Fresh peaches wrapped in bacon, BBQ sauce GF/DF

Smoked Chicken En Croute

Slow cooked pulled chicken, parmesan palmier, pickled onions and fresh herbs 

Chicken Salad Wonton Cup

Creamy chicken salad, crispy wonton cup +contains nuts

Teriyaki Beef Satay

 Skewered beef, teriyaki glaze

VEG vegetarian   V+ vegan   GF gluten free    DF dairy free
July – October
Cranberry Mint Brie Phyllo Cup

Cranberry ginger chutney, double cream brie, sugared cranberry and mint garnish VEG

Mushroom & Goat Cheese Aranicini

Fried rice fritter, wild mushrooms and goat cheese, pesto aioli dipping sauce VEG

Apple Sage Ginger Snap

Crisp ginger snap topped with apple onion jam, crema, and fried sage VEG

Potato Croquette

Deep fried potato croquette, loaded with cheddar and chives, dill cream dipping sauce VEG

Duck Fat Potato Silo

Crispy potato silo, simmered in duck fat, topped with crispy pulled chicken, POM reduction GF/DF

Spinach Turkey Phyllo Cup

Flaky phyllo cup filled with a creamy spinach and turkey filling 

Curry Stuffed Dates

Dates filled with curried chicken sausage (medium heat), dill yogurt drizzle DF

Bloody Mary Shrimp Shooter

Lemon poached shrimp diced with celery, dill, and bloody mary mix, garnished with celery and bacon sticks GF/DF

Beef Rillette

Slow cooked in salt and preserved in fat to produce a tender, silky smear of beef over a dark rye toast point DF

Petite Beef Wellington

Beef and mushroom filled puff pastry served with a worcestershire aioli 

Lamb Meatball

Lamb meatball, feta pesto

VEG vegetarian   V+ vegan   GF gluten free    DF dairy free
November – February

Our Dedication to Local Partners


We partner with Food Rescue US to donate excess food to local social service agencies that feed the food insecure. This partnership provides meals for our neighbors in need while also reducing our food waste.

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When seasonally available, we buy produce from Hershberger Amish Farm in Leesburg, Ohio. They deliver free range eggs, honey, and seasonal produce currently growing on the farm.

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Thanks to the family farms in Ohio’s Amish country, we are able to source all-natural, non-GMO fed chicken from Gerber Family Farms in Kidron, Ohio.

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Even in the colder months, we can buy locally grown hothouse peppers and grape tomatoes through Northern Haserot’s MarketSource program.

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North Country Charcuterie is a family-owned operation in Columbus that sources 100% of their ingredients from Ohio. This includes Berkshire pork, cheese from Blue Jacket Dairy and beer from Wolf’s Ridge Brewing.

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What Chef’s Want has a program called Local Food Connection that allows us to buy what’s fresh from many family farms or craft producers in the tri-state area of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. They handle the sourcing and logistics of delivery of offerings that range from seasonal produce to gourmet small batch vinegars and cheeses.

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