Why Together & Company?

By: Angela Petro, Founder & CEO

This week I launched our last company project ever as “Two Caterers”.

A company that turned 22 years old a few weeks ago and that has raised me as surely as my own family. I have learned most of what I know in life about loyalty, relationships, values, passion and commitment because of the journey I began way back in 1997 to build a thriving small business.  

This week I also launched the very first project from “Together & Company”. With a truly impressive amount of teamwork by our TC family I have said goodbye to the past.  We are launching this company into the future, and I believe will bring people together through wholehearted experiences for at least another 22 years.  

A few years ago, the TC team and I began to reflect on who we really are as an organization, addressing head-on the questions and concerns we heard often about our name: “Are you one of the two caterers?” “Which two caterers do you work for?” “Are you big enough, experienced enough, to handle our event if there are only two of you?” This culminated in a two-day retreat where our leadership team committed to defining who we are, why we do what we do and what are the unshakeable values by which we live.  It was two days of intense work but together we defined who we are: 

A family of experts with 22 years of experience crafting memorable events and delicious food because we care about the people who eat it.    

I left that retreat and it was immediately harder to ignore the gut feeling that our name and identity no longer reflected our character and maturity.  

I engaged a trusted expert to research our industry, interview our team members, clients and community partners.  When she presented her findings, my instincts were confirmed. We were not putting ourselves out in the world in a way that truly reflected our talents, skills and experiences. 

We are so much more than “two” caterers. We’ve grown far beyond that in size and service. Time to move forward. 

So why Together & Company? 

Because while catering is certainly an aspect of what we do, ultimately, it’s the vehicle for our true purpose – to bring people together.  We bring people together around a cause, around a table, around a meal, and we do our best to cover every detail.  We ask our clients to trust us with their events, big and small, so that they can focus on the company that has gathered around them.  We deliver their event with the highest standards of hospitality.  And when we truly get to be ourselves – passionate people delivering serious food with uncommonly reliable service – we know that our clients and their company will have an impeccable experience.    

Since the very beginning, Two Caterers was built on relationships and genuine hospitality.  We spent two years developing a brand that would help us properly reflect this and I know that there is no better name to represent who we truly are than Together & Company.   

I believe that this new name and identity will help us continue to attract the best talent and the best events so that we can keep living and working our passion: 

Bringing people together around an impeccable meal, surrounded by company that cares.

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