special events

Full of flavor.
Plated with care.


At Together & Company, we’re serious about food. 

So we pick each ingredient for freshness and flavor, and expertly prepare dishes with exacting attention to detail. And we always make sure that whatever dish you’re enjoying, you can taste the care that went into it.  


Fresh Features

New & Improved & Full of Flavor


NEW! Bruschetta Grilled Chicken

Seared Italian-seasoned chicken breast, tomato relish, and balsamic drizzle.


NEW! Spring Couscous Salad

Cucumber, baby spinach, red onion, roma tomatoes, bell pepper, crumbled feta, smokey chickpeas tossed in a lemon- herb vinaigrette.


New! Eggplant Caponata

Mediterranean stewed eggplant served in a grilled zucchini boat.


For more menus, or to speak with an event planner about your cuisine, please contact our team to get started.