Secrets of a Caterer: Why I Will Always Hire Holiday Party Catering

Angela Petro

Angela Petro

CEO & Keeper of the Culture at Together & Co.

Several years ago, my husband John and I decided to host a sit-down holiday dinner party. I had an image of a beautifully set table, delicious smells, and laughter. And while some of that vision came to life, I didn’t get to experience much of it myself.

I own Together & Company, a full-service caterer in Columbus, Ohio. I know well just how much work goes into serving a flawless meal while juggling everything else needed for a great holiday dinner party. And yet I decided the husband and I would do this on our own. Our friends had a fabulous time together. John and I spent most of the night working in the kitchen. After all our guests left, we exhaustedly sat down at the table, downed a glass of wine and swore never to make it that hard on ourselves again.

A group of family and friends gather around a white kitchen counter filled with food and plates. They are each reaching for an item on the counter and smiling.

I get it. It can be hard to give ourselves permission to not do it all. My gift to you this season?

The top reasons you should hire a caterer for your holiday party this year:

Holiday party catering is a great value

It takes a lot of ingredients to prepare a multi-course Christmas dinner party menu. Groceries are expensive and that’s if you can even find what you’re looking for. In-person shopping is more frustrating than ever which means hiring a caterer to create a holiday menu, shop, prep, and serve may be a better value than you realize. 

Time saved in delegating the meal to the quality time spent on your guests will, in the long run, make for a richer experience.

A full holiday feast on a wood table, including potatoes gratin, sliced beef tenderloin, cooked veggies, a couple small loaves of bread, a tealight candle, and holly and pinecone decor.

Effortlessly look like a pro

I’m an actual pro and still struggled to pull off the holiday menu I envisioned while juggling the art of hosting. Pulling everything together was stressful. Had I relied on my Together & Company team for my holiday party catering, they would have made sure the meal was ready on time, paced properly, and garnished beautifully.

Caterers can also handle last minute dietary variations that may not have been communicated in advance. Our chef once whipped up a garlic and onion free meal in the middle of serving 700 guests.

Our Wild Mushroom Ravioli sits on a white plate with gold trim. On the upper left corner of the photo is our Red Caesar Salad. Directly behind the plate is a glass of white wine and a tea light candle in a glass candle jar.
Our Herb Roasted Cauliflower Steak with a Cranberry-Orange Relish sits on a white plate next to some brussel sprouts. Under the plate is a red and white plaid tablecloth and in the background is out of focus greenery and red bauble ornaments.

A couple of our favorite vegetarian winter menu entrées: Ravioli Wile Mushroom Ragout with a Red Caesar Salad and Herb Roasted Cauliflower Steak with Cranberry-Orange Relish. 

Get inspiration and plan your holiday party menu now! See our seasonal menu.

Make a statement

The best caterers stay on top of trends, are creative, and will make suggestions to bring your vision to life. Stuffed chicken breast with Caramelized Citrus Miso? Vanilla Budino with Melted Chocolate Discs?   

How about a frosty pitcher of bespoke cocktails and a cool collected host?

A Cranberry Sparkler beverage in a coupe glass, with cranberries and a sprig of rosemary for garnish. In the background is greenery and scattered cranberries and orange slices.

Be the host with the most

…Time to entertain that is! Jumping up and down from the table is distracting for you and your guests. And it cuts into the reason you threw that party in the first place…to celebrate with friends and loved ones. A professional catering staff anticipates your guests’ needs efficiently and discreetly while you engage in sparkling conversation.

A group of friends sit around a holiday dinner table. The person facing the camera is smiling and looking at another friend. In the background are glowing stringed lights. There is a bottle of wine and wine glasses on the table.

Skip the dishes

What’s better than going to bed on that high note after hosting a successful dinner party? Waking up to a clean house.

While you were leisurely handing out those parting gift bags you hand-made with all your extra time, your caterer packed up the leftovers and mopped your floor.

Remember that dinner party where I spent most of the evening in the kitchen? I’m sure you can guess how I spent the following morning…up to my elbows in dirty dishes.

A Together & Company chef speaks with a couple of guests at a holiday house party. Chef stands behind a counter, facing the camera, and we see the guest's backs. The guests are dressed in a dark dress coat and black dress, as they look at Chef and listen.

Kick back and get all the credit

Although my memory of that holiday dinner party gone wrong still haunts me, I also remember the laughter of my guests and the coziness of the dining table. And next time I’ll be at the head of the table while my caterer makes the holiday magic happen behind-the-scenes.

View over the shoulder of a guest sitting at a table and passing food to the person next to them. On the table is a bottle of wine, white candles, and holiday decor.
A person sits at the head of a holiday table, smiling as they accept a platter of food from the person next to them at the table. There are stringed lights behind them.

Feeling inspired to plan that catered holiday party?

From decorated sit-down dinners and seasonal spreads of hors d’oeuvres to straightforward click-and-order Holiday Bundles, Together & Co. is the catering expert who will make you a holiday hero.

Angela Petro is a twenty-six year veteran of the hospitality industry and founder of Together & Company and Sweet Carrot. Her Purpose in life is to Recognize Potential. While catering and special event planning were the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey, its sharing what she’s learned and empowering others through those stories that keep her coming back. You’ll find her on Linked In or can reach out directly at

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