Trend Alert: Florals

With as many weddings as we have under our belt, you'd think we've seen everything when it comes to floral arrangements - but two weddings held at the High Line Car House have really blown us away. We chatted with the florists and got the inside scoop on the latest trends! 


Natalie & Brian | Suspended Tulip Garden

We love when our client's think outside the box! Tulips are a classic & elegant flower, but when you suspend them upside down from the rafters, they become a showstopper! We asked Mary from Rose Bredl to tell us a little about how she and her team pulled off such an extravagant piece, here's what she had to say:

"Natalie wanted to do something different, after all she lives in NYC and her style is impeccable.  She approached me with the idea of an upside down garden of tulips, we looked at photos so I had an idea of what she wanted, so I ran with it. We were extremely lucky that Natalie's dad was able to build the fixture. We practiced on the fixture in our design studio, filing the frame with moss and practicing with tulips. We designed it so we knew exactly how many tulips we needed to create Natalies vision. We practiced hanging the fixture at High Line  so we knew every detail of what our design team needed to accomplish this task come wedding day.  In the end, I could not be more proud of my design team for helping me create this incredible upside down garden, it was absolutely breathtaking. Looking at the photos, I feel so happy that we were a part of such a wonderful day and that Natalies vision came to life. Her happiness is all that mattered that day!!"  

Photos by Rosey Red Photography


Kellie & Jeff | Floral Focal Points

Who says your floral arrangements have to stay on the table tops?! This clever bride & groom, with the help of Amy and her team at Posy Florals, decked out the High Line Car House with flowers & greenery - everywhere you looked, there were fresh flowers. Our favorite has to be that gorgeous frame full of ivory roses featuring their initials in moss; a beautiful spin on the traditional backdrop! Amy agrees:

"We had such a wonderful time designing Kellie's wedding!  I just ran into her yesterday at a Red's game of all places and we both just gushed over how beautiful everything turned out at the Highline Car House.  The venue suited Kellie's style so perfectly.  My team and I decorated the chandeliers with fresh flowers in white, ivory, and blush shades with accents of green that looked so ethereal.  It really drew attention to the vaulted ceilings and beautiful light fixtures.  It was a great change of pace that was unique and I am sure the guests appreciated.  We also hung an oversized custom frame behind the head table filled with ivory roses to create a special look and focal point in the room.  We hung Kellie and Jeff's initials in moss on top of the roses to add an intimate and personalized look.  It was beautiful!  They were such a lovely couple and it was such a pleasure creating a beautiful backdrop for their big day!"

Photos by Henry Photography


We also asked each florist these 3 "Trend Alert" questions:

what's in?

  • Unstructured and natural, lots of green elements with beautiful flowers

  • Unique looks in their venues: like hanging floral chandeliers and unique concepts for ceremony arches and head table decor. "Different" is the key word

What's out?

  • Not that they're "out", but blush pink weddings have been very popular over the last year. Here's hoping for more variety for 2016

what's coming?

  • Unstructured and natural will continue - it’s just really natural and can be used in many settings

  • Greenery is making a huge comeback. Garlands and lush green designs are where it's at

  • Pastels that fit into a watercolor look will be huge.