Seasonal Features : September & October

Fall Farfalle Pasta Salad


+ Chicken $10.50 // + Salmon $11.25

Serve as a Seasonal Side $3.50

Bowtie pasta with roasted butternut squash, baby spinach, bleu cheese crumbles, and candied pumpkin seeds. Tossed in our housemade Sweet & Savory vinaigrette. 

Root Vegetable & Barley Side Salad


Locally grown beets, chopped figs, and pickled red onion. Dressed with a maple-dijon vinaigrette. 


Southwest Chicken Wrap

Add to any Boxed Lunch or Pre-made Sandwich Tray for the same price as our existing varieties! 

Grilled chicken breast with blackened seasoning, corn salsa, southwestern spice grilled vegetables, shredded Mexican cheese, and ranch in a sun-dried tomato wrap. 


Chicken Ratatouille


Chicken stewed with fresh summer vegetables until tender. Includes brown rice, garden salad, rolls & butter, and a dessert tray. 

* All prices are per person. Food minimums apply to all orders. 

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