TC's Summer BBQ Jams

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By Sydney Kuehn, Marketing Intern

As my college bff and I planned our cross country road trip it seemed as though music was the first thing that popped into both of our heads. A few really good playlists will be necessary if we’re going to last the whole 33 hour drive to her new home in southern California. Weeks later, we ended up with 10 playlists, all comprised of different genres for different moods and different parts of our drive. In the process of the drive I could not help but reflect on how music seemed inherently more important to both of us than any of the real logistics of our drive (maybe why we almost ran out of gas in the middle of the desert). Music would set the vibe for the whole trip.

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And as I began to consider that simple fact, I realized music sets the precedent for many of life’s most simple to most meaningful activities. From the radio playing on your morning commute to a live band serenading the bride and groom during their first dance, music is ever-present in our lives. Music touches every person in some way, each varying from the other. It is a representation and reflection of our self, our culture, and our emotional experience.

Music can be one of the most underrated and overlooked aspects of an event, let alone the human experience. It has been scientifically proven to boost moods, relieve stress and anxiety, enhance memory, and alleviate pain. It has the ability to bring people together and create unbreakable bonds.

Events are all about setting the right mood at the right place at the right time. And every event deserves special attention to music! Whether it’s a live band playing during your first dance as the bride and groom, or acoustic chords on during your dinner party… music is absolutely essential. The best music can get even the shy ones up and dancing--- but the RIGHT music can foster relationships and leave lasting memories.

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Music is extremely important to us as a company, as it plays an integral role in all of our events, but also in our individual lives. If you’ve seen us at an event, you know what I’m talking about. Our team is constantly singing and dancing along to anything that comes on! Music is a form of art much like food is a form of art. With passion, grit, and a whole lot of fun, we can create a beautiful, irreplaceable outcome.

Fast forward through hours of Jon Pardi, The Black Keys, Kygo, Catfish & the Bottlmen and Kendrick Lamar, and we finally made it!! After 5 straight days on the road, I have a newfound appreciation for cruise control and a rockin' playlist.

With the 4th of July approaching, throw on this family friendly, upbeat playlist compiled by Together & Company! It is sure to enhance your outdoor cookout and keep the mood light, fun, and patriotic with this mix of old and new jams.



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