By Erin Greene, Business Development Specialist

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Erin Greene here! Last time we talked, I told you about how much I love that my team gets to curate cool experiences… I’m pretty sure I even did the Charleston to help illustrate that fact. So now, I get to share with you TWO of those curated experiences that were recently celebrated in a big way.

My friends and family know very well how important ILEA is to me (because I talk about it all the time). The International Live Events Association (phew) has allowed me to grow, advance in my career, and make countless friends. I’ll talk more to you about ILEA in a later post… What I really want to share with you today is about the ILEA Ohio WOW! Awards, which took place last Friday in Cincinnati. 

This award celebration is an opportunity for statewide recognition and a showcase to celebrate event professionals, and their events, in Ohio. 

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It was a beautiful night and I was so proud of my team, who accepted TWO awards - Best Event with a Legacy and Best Catered Event!

It is such an honor to be recognized by other strong industry leaders and it gave me the opportunity to talk about how GREAT my team members are. Take a look at the amazing, award winning events, that these cool event pros curated.


(Catering Specialists Carly Ziemer and Meghan Keding)

The Women’s Fund  is a Columbus non-profit organization addressing gender norms in order to create equality and to empower all women and girls to reach their full potential. Way back in 2010 we were asked to donate catering for the after party for KEYHOLDER, their annual fundraiser, held each May at the Ohio Theatre. The event begins with a public reception to welcome a sold out crowd of 2,500 guests before they are ushered into the theatre for a program featuring an inspiring female celebrity who comes to share her story and wisdom. The stage is then quickly transformed for the VIP reception where 300 guests enjoy decadent bites and a meet-and-greet with the speaker. Our guest for 2016 was the actor and singer Vanessa Williams.

We are proud to have continued to donate the catering for this event for seven years and will make it eight on May 4th when the Women's Fund welcomes Billie Jean King interviewed by Lisa Ling!

Check out the menu!


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Keyholder is an event we have catered for years now for the Women’s Fund of Central Ohio.  They support the promotion of Gender Equality and they give a voice to women and girls who don’t necessarily have one. Keyholder, their annual fundraiser, says that we all hold the key to unlock the potential in ourselves and in another women and girl. Which is very important to us as a company because our CEO and Founder Angela Petro has unlocked the potential in so many of us. What a cool ripple effect that we then get to go unlock the potential in another one of our team members, an ILEA member, a woman in our industry or a friend. I was so excited to share this message at the WOW! Awards and to take the award home in Angela’s name. 


(Catering Specialists Angela Rulli and Joy Walker)

The Speakeasy Reception was an epicurean adventure for our guests as they left the office behind and ventured into another era. With authentic décor, themed activities, and a menu that was hand-crafted specifically for the event, no detail was overlooked. Guests were greeted with an antipasto shot as they gathered for their voyage. Upon arrival at the venue, guests mingled in the topiary garden and sipped The Leverage and Open Kimono signature cocktails. Aromatic smells wafting from the Speakeasy encouraged guests to whisper their password to enter into the roaring twenties.

Check out the menu!


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As a company, Together & Company loves to collaborate and we had the awesome opportunity to collaborate on this event with Bart Krogman from Flourish Bespoke.  Thank you to Bart, who transformed our space, The High Line Car House, into a gorgeous speakeasy. Our team who worked on this event was unable to accept the award themselves, as they were catering another award winning event that evening, but they used every opportunity to be super creative in the menu and absolutely no detail was over looked. I am so proud of them, happy to accept the award in their names, and immediately sent them a SnapChat!

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