Startup Week

By Jenn Gineros, Assistant to the CEO

Startup Week is here, is HAPPENING, right now as you read this in Columbus, Ohio.

This is the chance to absorb information from the incredible innovators of Columbus.

It's an opportunity to hear first hand stories of the successes and failures from the big shots of our community. Curious minds come quick! There's still a few days left to take advantage of this opportunity. And if I do say so myself, I highly recommend coming to hear from our very own Angela Petro, who will be discussing "The Formula for Success" this Friday at 11am.

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When I was first hired as Angela Petro's Assistant, many people asked if I was scared. Scared and nervous to work for the CEO of two successful companies and be able to keep up, or really, stay ahead of the constantly moving, idea-spouting, creative genius that is Angela Petro?


Honestly, I was pumped! High-pressure, high-energy, ever-changing environment that sometimes (a lot of times) includes Mac 'N' Cheese…count me in. Because really, the thing I was (and still am) most excited about my job, is being able to work with Angela Petro day in and day out.

Angela is no stuffy, C-Level exec. Angela is smart, fast and full of ridiculous puns. She is the innovator, she is the driver, she is the wild idea that works. She is the one who sets the standards--and the standards are set pretty high. She is focused and fearless when she needs to get things done, but she's always looking to lighten things up and have fun. If you need a theme song, a dance party, a good laugh – Angela's got it.

She's also got guts. The guts to say, "no, let's try it again," and maybe again…and again. She stands up for herself, for her team and she will defend us all to the death if we were doing the right thing and staying true to who we are. She listens and adapts. She takes what you say to her seriously. Unless you're me and what you're saying is, "guhhhh", in a guteral, awkward tone, because Angela asked you to stop and try again.

She is a challenger. She is a mentor. She is a coach.

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So, when I had the chance to be Angela Petro's Assistant…I took it. Because the job is more than just helping out, it's jumping in. It's the chance to listen, observe and be a part of something big.

I don't plan on giving up my role anytime soon, but if you'd like to get a glimpse into the colorful, crazy mind of Angela Petro and her careers success, you can come check her out this Friday at 11am for her #CMHStartupWeek Session on The Formula for Success.