Party 08/20 | Three Weddings

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By Ali Cecconi & Meghan Keding

We knew that one of our 20 events this year had to be a wedding, but we work with so many amazing couples, how could we choose!  So our 8th event we are featuring is actually three different, beautiful celebrations.  

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May 27 2017
Franklin Park Conservatory

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Photographer: Christa Kimble Photography

Every wedding at Franklin Park is going to be a stunning one. The elegant décor and intricate details of the cake only elevated Franklin Park’s natural charm even further. But truthfully, there could have been zero décor in the entire space and this wedding would have still been one of the most beautiful that I have ever gotten to be a part of because of the FASHION. Between the multiple wardrobe changes from the bride and groom to the elaborate guest attire, I could not stop gushing.

The couple seamlessly incorporated their cultures into all the details of the wedding. From the food to the fashion (have I mentioned how great the fashion was?), the couple’s German and Nigerian influences came through in every aspect. We started the evening with unique passed hors d’oeuvres, including potato pancakes with apple compote and Scotch eggs, and brought the event to a close with the perfect late night snack – Bavarian pretzels.

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June 3 2017
High Line Car House

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Photographer: Brett Loves Elle

"We knew the look and feel that we wanted but we didn't know if we could pull it off in Columbus. Once we found High Line our vision of an urban, vintage, industrial wedding started to come to life. Mary at Rose Bredl took it to another level with her floral design and then Borrow Rentals added that vintage flair we wanted. I have to say the end result was more amazing than I could have ever dreamed of." –Liz

"Our process was a bit unorthodox in that I planned most of the wedding. Liz would send me inspiration and I'd source some options. One of our best friends is a high-end wedding planner in LA and she helped us through the process. She's seen everything and anything when it comes to weddings so I knew we were creating something special when she got excited about our ideas." –Brian

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June 10 2017
Family Home

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The mother of the bride Bernadette and I hit it off from the first day we met – she may possibly be the sweetest and most lovely person I’ve ever met. She shared with me Anusha and Andrew’s vision of a backyard wedding at their home in Powell complete with a sail cloth tent, café lighting, Indian inspired hors d’oeuvres using local ingredients, bright colorful florals, wood top tables and more! It was clear after our first meeting this wedding was going to be unique, challenging and oh so charming. Chef Kevin and I brainstormed together to create a menu including local vegetables with a minted pea puree, stuffed peppadew pepper with baba ganoush (YUM!), garam masala crusted tuna on a fresh cucumber coin, and chai spiced cake pops topped with toasted pistachios to name a few!

Tracie Zody with Bliss Wedding & Event Design did an incredible job coordinating vendors and making Anusha and Andrew’s vision come to life. The reception turned out perfectly and I truly felt I’d left Columbus for the day and stumbled upon a storybook place I got to call my “office”. I can’t thank Bernadette and her family enough for allowing myself and the TC Team to embark on this journey of planning with them. You gave us the opportunity to be creative on not only menu items, but on presentation and food displays which is truly a joy for our team. I hope every guest left with a smile on their face and a full, happy belly!

Make sure you check out our gallery with exciting and vibrant pictures from this wedding!