Party 07/20 | Skyllar's Graduation Party

By Skyllar Beckel, Graduate, Banquet Server, Client

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The stage is set…

as I look around at my backyard being transformed to an “eclectic vintage” graduation party, a sense of pride fills my heart.  Surrounded by my family and all my friends at Together & Company taking care of every last detail…I knew it was going to be just perfect.  

Let me tell you how this journey begins…

Spring of last year, I was challenged to select a project for my New Albany High School “Senior Seminar.” Without hesitation, I wanted to confirm my passion for serving others and my desire to enter catering as a career.  I was lucky enough to have Together & Company offer me an internship for the summer where I was given the opportunity to work in every position learning the trade but more importantly understanding the impact a culture can have on having fun at work and loving what you do.  It happened to me.

I want to share with you a couple of “special moments” during my experience at Together & Company that highlight why I LOVE this company...

As an intern, you expect to be the “low person on the totem pole”... fetching coffee and making copies…but not at TC!  From the minute I walked in the door, I was treated like family and everyone took a personal interest in helping me grow and learn the business. Everyone showed me the ropes.  I washed dishes, I worked with Brides and Grooms to select their menus, I learned every aspect of the business.  But more importantly, I learned the value of a team, caring for one another and having a relentless passion for the customer.  

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The summer started to wind down and I knew I didn’t want to leave Together & Company. When I was asked to return as a team member to work events during my senior year, I was speechless and I didn’t think twice. As an intern, I could see everybody work together behind the scenes to make every small detail come together. As I stepped into the server role, I could “feel” what is was like to pull off an event from start to finish. I was part of the magic! It was a great feeling to be part of making moments and create experiences for people that would last a lifetime.  

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THEN… it was my turn to have a special moment.  I was graduating high school and I knew immediately who I wanted to entrust with creating that magical moment for me.  As a Client, I felt what is was like to be serviced by people who care about each other and love what they do. I now understand why culture matters: It not only makes work fun but it’s felt by clients and their guests at every turn in the process.  I felt like the most important person in the world from planning my special event (with all the over the top ideas Carly and Meghan provided) to the flawless execution by the staff. I was very proud of the event, not only because it was amazing but because I got to sit back and watch my “work family” collaborate and deliver the magic for me! 

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better… I turned around and there was Angela!  Our CEO came by to celebrate with me on my special day.  At Together & Company, everyone is family.  

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Thank you, Together & Company, for changing my life, helping me realize my passion and for shaping my future. You have given me life skills I will cherish forever.   

And a special shout out to Jay – Thanks for being by my side throughout my whole experience. 

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