Party 06/20 | Keyholder: Bringing Passion & Purpose to the Party

By Nichole E. Dunn, President & CEO, The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio

Nichole in the Billie Jean-inspired shirt Homage made to especially for the tennis legend and game changer -  get yours

Nichole in the Billie Jean-inspired shirt Homage made to especially for the tennis legend and game changer - get yours

Nichole, Lisa Ling, and Billie Jean King at the Keyholder 2017 After Party

Nichole, Lisa Ling, and Billie Jean King at the Keyholder 2017 After Party

Eight years ago, Angela Petro was introduced to The Women’s Fund when asked to “help” and be part of the Keyholder After Party. She immediately said “yes!” and has been part of the journey ever since; giving of herself, aligning the work of her company, and partnering with us as we widen our reach every year. 

Leading the charge for gender equality,

we fund grants to programs that address social change with a gender lens, commission research and provide collaborative programming and partnerships. The annual Keyholder event is a night to celebrate the accomplishments from the year, raise awareness of the issues, and connect individuals in the community around their shared purpose and passion. This event allows a large scale experience for the community with the Ohio Theater being filled with 2,500 guests.  

To carry on into the evening the gratitude for sponsors, the “yes” Angela gave 8 years ago has evolved to an incredible on the stage After Party experience. Together & Company has hosted and provided in kind vision, innovation, and catering for this After Party.

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It’s because of Angela’s commitment to our mission and showing up with little knowledge of who we were a decade ago but knowing it mattered. She said yes, jumped in, and now serves as Vice Chair of the Board and Keyholder Event Chair.

Her spirit is contagious, bringing her entire Together & Company team onboard as they continue to live the Keyholder message of unlocking potential in everything they do. 

The Keyholder Message from the Together & Company Team: 

Kathy Tomasi:  My biggest takeaway from the night centers around how impressive Asia was.  I truly enjoyed listening to Billie Jean King and her journey to promote the power of women, however, that young lady is the future.  For me, there was a sort of poetic "passing of the torch" from an older generation to today's very strong modern women who are very capable of affecting change. 

Joy Walker:  My love for being a team member with Together & Company started and has continued because of the beliefs of our owner, Angela Petro, and in her work to give back to our community. It is inspiring to see the work that she does with the Women's Fund personally, but when she shares that with us, her employees, it's really powerful.  It motivates me and challenges me to find my passions and get more involved in the community.

Ali Cecconi:  Women, especially when fighting together, can accomplish incredible things.

Carly Ziemer:  I work very closely with the Women's Fund to plan their events and our collaboration is amazing.  Because we have similar values we can operate as one team working toward the same goal:  To create opportunity for individuals.  

George Dowling:  The partnership between TC and the Women's Fund is important because it exemplifies our values:  Do What it Takes and All for One, One for All.

Aleksandra Petruseva:  Billie Jean mentioned how we are taught to be grateful even when we are offered bread crumbs.  But this is not how one changes the game.  We should fight for more!  We should ask and work for more in life, push our limits and reach for the "unreachable".  Only then can we make a difference and start to change the world. 

Angela Rulli:  You can be a mentor to just one person and it makes a difference.  Through the guidance of mentors or family, our youth can feel capable of making a difference, and can start down a path toward doing so.

Jennifer Gineros:  Seeing someone like Billie Jean King, who has dedicated her life towards social change, is so inspiring and another reminder that you must live your values, stay true to what you care about at your core and fight for what you believe in.