Party 03/20 | Communities Coming Together

By Sydney Kuehn, Marketing Intern

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Hi everyone, intern here! My name is Sydney and I’m one of the marketing interns at Together & Company. I’m currently balancing the majority of my time between my final semester of classes at Ohio State, working at Together & Company, and managing my dog’s Instagram account. I’ve done a number of things so far at TC from photographing events, prospecting clients, delivering cookies, plating behind the scenes, posting on social media, sampling our food (super important), and now blog writing!

Back in September our General Manager, Jay, came to me with the idea of “doing something big for our 20th anniversary.” That’s it. That’s really all he gave me to work with and he told me to run with it. Fast forward through several months, countless brainstorm meetings, lots of feathers and glitter (stay tuned next month), endless cups of coffee, a few puppy kisses, and here we are! 

20 events to celebrate 20 years

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We work with OhioHealth and Nationwide Children’s both on a regular basis and when they came to us with the challenge of merging their styles and preferences for a seamless opening of their new joint hospital, we jumped on it! In case you missed it; 

OhioHealth and Nationwide Children’s Hospital have partnered to offer emergency care for all ages, from babies to adults, at our Lewis Center Health Center. This health center also offers imaging, rehabilitation and other outpatient services.

Check out OhioHealths blog for more info on the center!

In order to reveal their new hospital, OhioHealth and Nationwide Children’s hosted two events. The first event was a VIP Opening Event. The second event was a Community Open House. Both were held under a massive heated tent (seriously MASSIVE, the tent was 196 x 33 feet!) decorated by ZenGenius with self-guided tours of the hospital offered throughout the events.

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We provided snacks, juices, and hot chocolate while people walked through both sides of the new hospital. For the community event, children and their families decorated cookies, had their faces painted, and played games to the sound of Olentangy High School’s Jazz Band.

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I will admit the face painting was well above anything I did at TC’s summer picnic, although that isn’t saying much – but seriously these guys were awesome. 

Even on such a cold day this event was filled with excitement and smiling faces; exactly what TC aims to accomplish. 

As I documented our team buzzing around both of the events (via GoPro and camera), I was so proud to sport my TC name tag and be a small part of not only Together & Company, but also the OhioHealth and Nationwide Children’s merger.

These events were surrounded by community, love, excitement, and unity.

Our small role of catering this opening perfectly fits into the bigger picture of giving back to the local community. As we toured the building I could not help but think of the impact this center will have. This new emergency center in Lewis Center offers 24/7 emergency care for adults and children. The hospital is split down the middle and both sides equally reflect the styles and brands of OhioHealth and Nationwide Children’s. It provides safety and security for those in the area and to host an open house to the public was a brilliant way to give everyone a chance to become familiar with the new space.

I have personally heard Angela stress over and over that “it is so much more than just food, it’s about delivering an unparalleled experience”, and it could not be more accurate. We love getting to know our clients on a deeper level than just a weekly sandwich order. Day in and day out we cater large and small scale events… weddings, lunches, corporate meetings, dinner parties, you name it.

But it’s not about closing a deal or getting a check- it’s about the relationship that sprouts from that.

Our Catering Specialists do an AMAZING job getting to know each and every client's unique style, tastes, and preferences. And we deliver a full customer experience rather than just the food. Many of our relationships even stem 20 years deep, from our very beginning! Once we find people and organizations that align with our values they tend to stick around.

One huge thing I’ve learned from being here is how important our relationships are. One of our values

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holds so true to us in every situation. I have seen people across all departments (from Angela as CEO, to Marla at Accounting, and Dez as a server) crossover and help out wherever necessary to get the job done. Because when Rebecca, our Operations Manager, calls “all hands on deck” everyone instantly drops what they’re doing and steps in wherever they can.

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Insert, ME! The first time this happened when I was here, I ended up spending the afternoon making around 600 sandwiches along with the rest of the office. Even though I’ve only been here less than a year, I feel so deeply connected to this company, its people, and its mission. In my short time I have bounced around to all different types of events and there are some things that hold true at each one:

1 I always envy the guests because the food looks amazing every time —  (like a work of art but also I know how delicious it tastes)

2 Team TC works like a well-oiled machine behind the scenes no matter what the event

3 I constantly make people feel uncomfortable by taking candid pictures and videos

Our team is dedicated, passionate, fun, and committed and I am so grateful for the experiences I’ve had and relationships I’ve built. Stay tuned for more fresh stories from the people that make up TC!