Curating Experiences

By Erin Greene, Business Development Specialist

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Erin Greene here!  Business Development Specialist at Together & Company. I know what you’re thinking… what in the world is Business Development?

Basically, this is my job:

Meet cool people > Feed cool people free food > Work with cool people

There is nothing I love more than meeting new folks and spreading the word about Together & Company.  Last week I had the opportunity to speak to a group of about 100 Columbus Wedding Professionals who came to see the High Line Car House and have dinner with us. I could have gone on forever about the High Line but I really wanted to talk about this amazing 20 Years Fresh Project and what it means to me. 

And as I was talking, two words popped out of my mouth more than any others…

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We say this all the time at TC and until recently, I really didn’t know what it meant. But this is how we define what we do at Together & Company and why we do it. We tell stories (For example: a video of our CEO telling her Polar Bear Joke … apparently it’s the funniest joke in the world!) and we curate experiences.

What does it mean? I totally appreciate your question because it took me a long time to figure out that answer. When it finally clicked, I got so excited I could have danced!  

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The event industry is unique. 

We start with a few ideas in our heads and we build something from absolutely nothing. 

We are not building things out of raw materials. We build experiences out of a collection of creative elements. These events that we are curating become moments in someone’s life that have the power to create memories… Wow, can someone change my business cards please?

Erin Greene, Memory Creator

*jazz hands*

But really, that’s a powerful thing. We are creating moments in the lives of our guests that could leave a lasting impression on them. This is why it’s so important to me that we are truly listening to our clients while we help them create their event. Every detail matters.      

I remember a wedding that I catered a few years ago for a couple that was so fun and spunky (I wanted to be their best friend!). During one of the first few meetings, we started talking about eco-friendly ways to get the wedding party over to Schiller Park for pictures because they did not want to rent a bus or a trolley that runs at 6 miles per gallon. I had a crazy idea, reached out to a contact and “reserved” a few Car2go cars for the big day! Right after I sent the bride down the aisle, I called my contact at Car2go, he activated the cars, and after the “I Dos” I helped the bride get every layer of her gorgeous cupcake-dress into that tiny little car… It was hysterical!  

Dan Buckley Photography

Dan Buckley Photography

Dan Buckley Photography

Dan Buckley Photography

Dan Buckley Photography

Dan Buckley Photography

That had nothing to do with my job as their “Catering Specialist”, but I know it was a moment of their day that they would never forget, and I definitely won’t forget it either.

That created a memory.

It’s a curated experience.

See?  Can we dance now? 

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