Party 02/20 | Trading Spaces

By Jenn Gineros, Assistant to the CEO

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Hello All - Jenn speaking! I'm Angela's Assistant and I'm still relatively new here. Especially in the realm of Together & Company, where our staff is peppered with seasoned employees (just a little food pun for you) who have diligently worked for the company for 2, 3, 7…even 12 years!

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My experience in the past few months has been eye-opening and I hope that throughout the year with our blog posts we are able to let you into this world and open your eyes too. As a newbie in this realm, one might consider our impact in the community. How do we spread the word about Together & Company? How do we rise above the rest to provide the best experiences? And how do we leave a mark on our city, clients and community that will keep us strong for years to come?

My newbie answer…it starts with a lot of passion and a lot of love. Of course, we follow with a strong expertise, high quality products and first class service, but the heart of it all has to be there--has to be able to be tasted in every bite and felt at every event.

Most companies preach this. The best ones live this. 

Passion. Love. Fun. These were three of seven important values of Together & Company when I started, but now they have transformed. As of 2017, the Together & Company values have morphed into these phrases: 


The values we had before ring true in all of these - Excellence, Knowledge, Grit - but now we have phrases that roll off the tongue and stick in our minds. The last one stands out to me in this moment, as we wrap up our holiday party and the holiday party for The Kitchen that we hosted here at The High Line Car House. I can't help but think it was a beautiful example of, "All for one, one for all."

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The Kitchen opened their "home" to us and we opened ours to them. We served meals we were both proud of and that we thought the other would enjoy. We took the time to think communally instead of competitively and in the end we both had a glimpse into the others world. We showed off our best work and we built onto the relationship our two companies have by caring for one another in our favorite way: through good food and good times. 

The Kitchen's Value Statement pulls at my heart strings:

The Kitchen values people, food and community and the role that food plays in bringing people together as a community.

It speaks so truly to the environment in Columbus, and more so into the experience and celebrations we created together as two businesses in this community. It's so pure, so honest and so on point with what we were trying to achieve in trading spaces for our holiday parties. No competition, no secret agenda - just the simple and real gift in sharing food and bringing people together.

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I spoke with Anne, one of the owners at The Kitchen, and I think she said it so eloquently, 

The opportunity to partner with other businesses fits our mission of bringing people together to celebrate the art of preparing, eating and sharing great food. Sharing our food and space with other local businesses, especially those in our industry, is the highlight of our business. Being able to care for others through food means the world to us.

— Anne Boninsegna

Can't you just HEAR the LOVE coming out here? They've got it. They've got it like we've got it and it was the perfect reason to share spaces and provide a delicious meal and a fabulous party for one another. You saw our party - we had A LOT of fun. And if you take a peek at these party people, you can see how much fun they had too. Put all the nitty gritty of business aside and that is what it is all about.

Welcome to the world of catering, where love and fun reign supreme!