Party 01/20 | But who the hell catered it?

By Angela Petro, Founder & CEO

For those of you who read the first blog and came back for more... THANKS!

I have to start this one with a funny story...

Our General Manager, Jay (who we surprised with a puppy for Christmas but that's another story) received an email after our first story informing us, in one brief sentence, that the photograph we led with was pretty terrible.

download (3).png

When Jay told me that I almost spit out my drink laughing. It is pretty terrible. Twenty years ago I threw a New Year's Eve party with a friend. Neither of us were cooks or event planners, beyond slinging snacks together for close friends. We also were apparently NOT photographers. But the guy who sent the email was. Which leads me to the point of this post today:



I've chosen to feature a party that we didn't even cater.

This event was catered by our good friends at The Kitchen. I serve on the board of the Women's Fund with Kitchen Co-Owner Anne Boninsegna and we hatched a scheme to swap staff holiday parties this year. So on January 6th, Team TC threw, like, a totally rad 80's themed holiday extravaganza (check out the full photo gallery!) and Anne, Jenn, and the rest of The Kitchen Team made our party so bad.

I mean the good BAD. Like Michael Jackson.

Relationships are one of the reasons that I love what I do even after so many years. Of course the client relationships are crucial. I have a client / friend, Joe Chornyak, for whom I have catered his event, in person for 18 years. EIGHTEEN YEARS!!! Same party. Yet the relationships that we make with our peers, vendors, and even competitors are weirdly dear to me. 

I've learned so much about what kind of business I want from watching people like Anne and Jenn at The Kitchen who believe in their work with a passion.

They keep things fresh in the industry and push us to stay on our game. I've also learned from developing peer mentoring relationships with people like Ingrid Nagy of Catering By Design in Denver. She has the patience of a saint with me and my 100 questions. I've learned from other, larger caterers here in town and have benefited from the generosity of their time when I was a young punk wanna-be-caterer and couldn't find my way out of a wet paper bag.

There is a story of a produce vendor who used to deliver measly small produce orders to the back door of my friend Jill's apartment when we were between catering out of a bar and our first real location in Linworth. And a local rental company who gave me credit terms when I was so broke I had to take cold showers and sold my car to make payroll (I drove an electric blue catering van as a young single woman living in German Village. Hot, I know...) 


But back to the future ;)

We were in the 80's right? Our party this year was a celebration of everything that Together & Company has become over the years and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. Duh. But it wouldn't have been the same without knowing that our friends at The Kitchen had our backs. And to Mr. Photographer with the eagle eye for food pics – relationships are built on trust, respect, and time.

And occasionally over a frenetic 4 minutes with Journey...


Don't stop believing people!