Ohio Produced, Ohio Proud

By Jenn Gineros, Assistant to the CEO

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As someone who grew up in New York, I never expected to move to Ohio. Ohio seemed wayyyy out there. Too far, too quiet, too country…until I found Columbus. Columbus is the city gem with the Midwest feel I had always been looking for. But when I told my New York friends and family that I was moving to Columbus, they pictured me living on a farm.

This is pretty accurate, considering Columbus has our own  American Gothic mural in the Short North

This is pretty accurate, considering Columbus has our own American Gothic mural in the Short North

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Slowly but surely as visitors come out here they realize that Columbus, Ohio is a lively, vibrant, AWESOME city. Then they all ask, “So where are the farms?”

Head twenty minutes in any direction, you’ll find your farm.

Before the city, the buildings, the corporate life of Columbus, we were built on farms. Before Ohio State was THE Ohio State, it was first The Ohio Agricultural and Mechanical College (what's now expanded to CFAES). Farms, or, well, agriculture is what created our growth. And while agriculture includes farms, and all the classic images we city folks think of when we hear the word agriculture, it is much more than that. Agriculture is a science, a practice and a business.

As an average consumer, we buy meat at the store; pre-processed, pre-butchered, pre-packaged.

But at TOGETHER & COMPANY, we like to remember where our food came from.

What our food was before the processing and packaging. It’s important to us to connect with our food and understand the agriculture, the farms and the people that work hard to raise and produce our food.

So a few weeks ago when the Ohio Farm Bureau asked for our help in catering an event together at the Statehouse we were absolutely on board. The Ohio Farm Bureau’s goal is “to support Ohio’s food and farm community” and that’s a goal we can totally get behind. Our own Executive Chef Kevin Guffey said,

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One of our commitments is working with Ohio producers. I like working with them because it gives our food an opportunity to have an identity.

The Ohio Farm Bureau gave us the chance to bring our food to life and to highlight the hard work of Ohio farmers. After all, they are the people behind the agriculture business here in Ohio. They put in the long days to raise their cows, pigs, turkeys, and lamb to produce the fresh, mouthwatering result that is our meat. 

For this event, the Ohio Farm Bureau brought in all the meat and we supported by providing sides and sauces that enhanced their meal.

This was a totally unique experience for us but an incredible opportunity to curate a menu around our very own Ohio farms!

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Station 1

Prime Rib 
Sliced Parkerhouse Rolls
Horseradish Cream

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Station 2 
Poultry Carving Station

Cranberry Chutney
Sliced Parkerhouse Rolls
Deviled Eggs
Turkey Gravy

Station 3 
Pork Carving Station

Pork Loin 
Sliced Parkerhouse Rolls

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pic 4.jpeg

Station 4

Shredded Lamb 
Mini Hawaiian Buns
Mint Jelly
Lemon Rosemary Aioli

Station 5

Oven Roasted Vegetables
Ohio Cheese Board
Artichoke & Spinach Dip
Spicy Corn Salsa
Traditional Hummus
Tortellini Skewer with Roasted Vegetables & Pesto
Ohio Chicken Meatball
Teryaki Beef Satay

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