Party 15/20 | Pick Your Palate: CMA Edition

By Erin Greene, Marketing Specialist

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A few weeks ago we catered the James B. Recchie awards at the Columbus Museum of Art.  This event, hosted by Columbus Landmarks Foundation, honors excellence in urban design, celebrates projects that add to the quality of life in Columbus and praises the designers that are responsible.  Last year, this honor was granted to Columbus Museum of Art and this year it went to (another one of our clients) Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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To be a part of this event that celebrated CMA and their beautiful space was especially meaningful because we had just been added as a caterer on their list.  We are excited to begin working with their team to create events - especially this holiday season!  Our holiday theme is "Pick your Palate, Paint your Holidays" and we are inspiring our clients to get creative in menu and decor...  What better venue to get creative in than an art museum?! 

I’ve done some brainstorming on how YOU can use their space and really bring your event to life.


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Hire an artist who can paint your event in real time, as it’s happening.  You’ll have a beautiful documentation of your event, plus it’s an added entertainment element.  Check it out here or read this NY Times article.


Another option for art-inspired entertainment is graffiti or street art.  Use this urban setting to work with community artists and bring the city to life.  Make it a competition or auction off their art at the end of the night.  


Gala’s of any kind can succeed at the Art Museum, but most people are bored of the traditional fundraiser.  Try spreading out with different stations and add performance art to really bring things to life.  Choose music that goes with each event space and helps to guide guests:  an acoustic guitar in the Atrium during registration, a Jazz ensemble in the courtyard for appetizers, a rock band in the pavilion with dinner stations and a string quartet in Derby Court for dessert. 


CMA also has rooms for small but important meetings.  It's the time of year for planning and budget reviews and, lets be honest, those meetings can be a little dull.  After a long morning of planning, feed attendees a delicious lunch and then clear their heads so they can get back to work.  Send attendees on a scavenger hunt:  Find 4 paintings with mustaches.  Find 6 paintings with dogs.  Take 2 pictures of people who match the art they're viewing.  Your team will be energized and ready to take on the second half of that budget.


If all else fails, invite Oprah… I picture something like this: “And you get a Picasso!  And you get a Matisse!  And you get a Renoir!”