Party 14/20 | Toasting to 20 Years!

By Joy Walker, Catering Specialist

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O’zapft is! Prost!

You may be asking yourself:  Why is Joy speaking to me in German?  What is she saying?!  O’Zapft is, means "It’s tapped!" And Prost, means "CHEERS!"  The perfect words to begin a post about last week's beer tasting where we tapped a keg of custom beer made for our 20th anniversary.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was hopeful that Together & Company would someday make our own beer.  And while we have no plans of diving into the craft brewing industry, we did partner with North High Brewing to create a custom, fall themed beer to celebrate our 20th year in business.  Starting back in June, we met with Tim Ward (one of the owners of North High Brewing).  I learned a lot about what goes into making a beer from scratch - It's a very long process and didn't seem like it would work for us.  Thankfully, we were working with professionals that offered a better route: spiking a beer.  We chose one of North High’s autumn seasonals, the Tree Tapper, to be the main base and picked a few  flavors to add. (I must say - the tasting process was clearly the best part of planning this event.)

We tasted several spiked versions of the Tree Tapper and decided on a flavor that was the most balanced, added a little hint of sweetness, and would be pleasing to our overall crowd.  Cherry Vanilla Tree Tapper was born and we could finally plan the party!

Oktoberfest is traditionally held in September but we really wanted to bring that vibe to our “Toasting 20 Years” party. So in true Together & Company fashion, we paired our new beer with Bavarian pretzels and Beer Cheese dipping sauce (Fun fact: The beer cheese was made with our 20 Year Beer). Our famous Spicy Corn Salsa made an appearance on the menu with a BBQ Sundae because pork is always an Oktoberfest staple.  Last but not least, we finished off the food selections with German chocolate cupcakes.

The night was full of great music, multiple North High brews and a special guest tasting by Karate Cowboy showcasing their spirits and Simple Times mixers.  We had a lot of fun with our friends, family and team.  Thank you to North High Brewing for being a great partner and making the perfect beer to toast with!

Prost to 20 more years!