Other Duties as Assigned

By Ali Cecconi, Catering Specialist Coordinator

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I started with Together & Company as a marketing intern during the fall semester of my senior year at The Ohio State University.  When my fall internship came to an end, I was so sad.  I truly could not see myself leaving this crazy family…so I didn’t.  We decided to extend my internship through Spring semester but before I knew it, graduation was just around the corner.  Now saying goodbye seemed even harder...so I didn’t.  In short, as soon as I walked into my first day at TC, I refused to leave.  (Thankfully they liked me too!)  Now here I am, years later, still at this company that has taught me so much, working as a Catering Specialist Coordinator.

I LOVE my job. Yes, it gets stressful and, yes, we all have our bad days. But when I take a step back, I realize that I’m helping people celebrate some of the best days of their lives. I mean, how many people get to say that!?  That realization is why our clients are so important to us and why we take their events just as seriously as they do.  Every day I see someone taking on a responsibility that isn't normally theirs in order to make our clients' events amazing.  It's incredible to see, and it makes every day at TC different.

You know that line in your job description that says “and other duties assigned”? Yeah, that happens a lot here…

EXAMPLE 1:  The cake of my nightmares.

You know when you’re in the passenger seat of a car and your mom is driving, and she hits the breaks really hard and sticks her arm out to keep you from hitting the dashboard? Now picture a 3-tier wedding cake sitting in that passenger seat without a seatbelt.  I was handed the cake right before the reception started... It had definitely seen better days.

I rushed the cake to our Bake Shop Lead, Cheryl, with a clear look of panic on my face. What she did next was nothing short of a miracle. I came back 30 minutes later to a PERFECT 3-tier naked cake, complete with floral accents and fresh raspberry garnish.

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Example 2:  Photoshop can't fix that.

A client hired a vendor to string lights behind the head table to create a warm, glowing back drop.  After the vendor left, we inspected their work and noticed that they had joined one string of lights to the other right in the center of the structure.  The plugs were MASSIVE and would have floated right over the heads of the bride & groom when they were sitting at their table.  It would have been in every photo. 

My team member, Angela, and I climbed ladders with zip ties in hand, disassembling and reassembling the backdrop until it was perfect.  Our client never knew a thing!   

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Photos by Brette Loves Elle Photography

Example 3:  Chef or salesman?

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When Chef noticed a couple that had popped into the High Line Car House after everyone in the office had left, he dropped what he had going on in the kitchen to give them a tour of the space.

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Example 4:  No horse-faced wedding pictures please.

When Kate Caffrey, an Event Supervisor (among many, many other roles), notices that the bridal party is chewing gum while they are lining up to head down the aisle, she walks around with tissues for them to spit out their gum so that every picture comes out perfect.

From bustling dresses and redoing the flower girls’ hair at weddings to standing in as the DJ at a large corporate events (seriously... it happened), my teammates go above and beyond the duties of a “caterer”.  It is what keeps our clients coming back year after year, and it is what fills me with pride every time I walk into an event.

Now I’m starting to tear up, so I will leave you with that.