My Favorite Foods of All Time

By: Shayla Ferguson, Culinary Lead

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As a seven year member of the Together & Company culinary team, I have a personal relationship with the menu.

I’ve seen our dishes made and served time and time again, and while there are lots of amazing items that we offer, there are a few that still make me really excited when I get the chance to eat them. So, in the spirit of delicious food, I want to share with you my favorite Together & Company dishes.

The Fantastical Cheesy Potatoes.

Surprisingly simple yet ridiculously delicious. They are creamy, ooey-gooey, cheesy, potatoey heaven. Definitely my favorite potato dish of all time. I'm talking ahead of mashed potatoes AND french fries. They are THAT good.  That comfort food feel reminds me of my moms southern cooking.  Plus, I believe it's impossible for anyone to be unhappy while eating Cheesy Potatoes.  

Penne Pistachia

Penne Pasta + Creamy Sauce + Asparagus + Mushrooms + Pistachios.
Two of my favorite things in the world are pasta and cream sauces, so I could literally eat this everyday.  I've tried a lot of pasta dishes from many different places and this is one of the best Alfredo-type pastas that I’ve ever had.  This is another one that is sure to put a smile on your face and its one of those foods that I could never get sick of eating.

Spring Couscous Salad

Dishes like this make me think I could be a vegetarian.. Maybe.  The incredibly satisfying mix of Mediterranean tastes make you forget there is no meat.  Toasted couscous, lots of veggies, spinach, herbs and feta cheese topped with fried chick peas = much healthier than my last two favorites.  The fried chick peas add the perfect amount of crunch and deliciousness so its never boring to eat.  

I love good food and it was fun putting into words how much I’ve enjoyed these dishes over the years. Writing this definitely made me hungry, so hopefully it gives you a reason to try one of them if you haven’t before. You won't be disappointed!