Let me paint you a picture...

By Mariana Weflen, Art Director

pic 2.jpeg
pic 3.jpeg

Once upon a time,

a child’s grandmother gave her a storybook of the most beautifully illustrated fairy tales. That child fell in love with the fantastic pictures, the happy and magical way the pictures made her feel, and decided to be an artist when she grew up.

You guys...that child is me!!! 😲😲😲

Art inspired our theme for this year’s holiday menu— 

not just because I'm the new art director at Together & Company and because I love art (okay, maybe a little bit)—

but because entertaining is the opportunity to express your personal style, create a work of art, and share yourself with those you love. Special meals engage all the senses, from colorful floral arrangements, the feel of linen napkins, the sound of your loved ones laughing, the scent of warm cider and candles, not to mention the rich flavors of once-a-year cuisine.

You are the artist, curating the little details of sensory experiences that create memories to last a lifetime.

So, when I was tasting this year’s incredible new holiday features, I asked myself, how can I show and tell you how this amazing food tastes? 

Let me paint you a picture...

This is one spicy hunk you've gotta meat.

pic 4.jpg
pic 5.gif

And now a little PEAR-ody for ya...

pic 6.jpg
pic 7.gif

Let's round off this meal with a little cat nap.

pic 8.jpg
pic 9.gif

Enough about me! It's your turn.

How do you want your friends and family to feel this holiday season? What pictures do you want to create in their minds for years to come?

How would you paint your holidays?