Winter Weddings

Photo by SB Childs Photography

Photo by SB Childs Photography

Photo by Ashley West Photography

Photo by Ashley West Photography

The question was popped, the answer was "duh", and now... when to set the date?

September: Wedding craziness
October: Football insanity
November: More football, weird mustaches, Thanksgiving
December: No free time

January - March... Why not?

Winter weddings come with some pretty obvious benefits - especially when we're talking about your budget.  Check out the infographic below and some ideas from local wedding experts on ways to bring winter romance and elegance into your big day.  

A note on florals: The less blooms you have, the less expensive your overall cost. Try using more greenery and candles to make your event stand out!

Bri Igo, Client + Winter Bride

I was actually inspired by the Together & Company winter wine tasting a few years ago... the décor was gorgeous and I loved the winter colors.  Deep reds, navy and forest greens with rustic wedding décor feel more cozy and woodsy in the winter time.  I also love fur accents for both décor and the bridal party.

Winter weddings aren’t as traditional as summer or fall, so I like that my day will be different for a lot of our guests and stand out from other weddings they’ve recently attended. 

Meghan Keding, Together & Company 

Cozy. Intimate. Rich. Joyful.

Winter weddings are nearly indescribable for me but these are a few words that instantly come to mind. The natural ambiance of winter weddings is charming; a charm that can’t be forced or reproduced in other seasons. I love the rich tones of winter florals and textiles with deep burgundies, greens and teals. Flickering candles create the warm, romantic ambiance that helps guests forget the cold outside. The holiday season naturally instills bliss and happiness making it impossible to not laugh and dance the night away!

Ashley West, Photographer

I have a true love for winter weddings. Isn't there something so dreamy about the snow? It makes everything that much more elegant on wedding day!

I absolutely adore a bride in a fur coat or sweater and winter wedding colors are just gorgeous.  The deep reds, the rich and moody tones, a romantic candle lit dinner, ah such a dream!  I wonder so often why couples seem to sway away from winter.  Picking this season is another way to do things differently, making things more fun and surprising for your guests.  

Tracie Zody, Wedding Planner

For the couple who looks for something a little different, something that you don't see on all the blogs, a winter wedding is the perfect alternative! Sparkling crystal, cool hues in jewel tones that are paired with luxe metallics, and candlelight flickering on a cold winter day all create an atmosphere that encourages guests to cozy up to one another for an exciting evening in an otherwise uneventful time of year. Your wedding vendors are refreshed and excited, since they are not in the traditional intense schedule of summer wedding season. Your guests are excited to attend your wedding event after the holiday season has passed and deep winter has set in. The possibilities for unique decor and design are endless and relatively untapped. It's the perfect combination for a unique, memorable, and FUN wedding event!

Thanks to our vendors who helped us prepare this article:
Tracie Zody - Design Exchange 
Mark Dancer - Rock On! Columbus
Ashley West - Ashley West Photography
Meghan Keding - Together & Company