Together for the Holidays

Each year, Together & Company chooses a theme for the holidays. This theme typically describes the year passed, our company culture, and the way we want our clients to feel.

In 2018, our holiday theme is “Together.”

Over the holidays, we will be celebrating the important moments we spend together, our collaboration and our impressive teamwork.

Read why this is an important piece of the T&C company culture from our leadership team: Kathy, Kia, Carly & Rebecca.

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Kathy Tomasi, Controller

“Together” means everything to the teams at Together & Company.  One of our core values is All for One, One for All.  That is the very essence of TEAMWORK. 

Each individual putting forth his or her best effort, forming a line of strength from one team member to another, creating a web of combined effort that together makes everyone stronger.  This web of teamwork is a safety net, whereby the individual is strengthened and raised up. With Togetherness, we don’t let each other fail. 

Together is fun.  Together is creative.  Together is unity.  Together means we are moving in the same direction, toward the same goal.  Together is the name of the place from which we create wholehearted experiences for our clients. 


Kia Bradburn, HR Business Partner

I work for two brands, both owned by Angela Petro:  Together & Company and Sweet Carrot.  Human Resources is one of the shared services that, together, the two companies can invest in.

Our shared services team brings the leaders of both companies together.  We collaborate using the strengths of each department to provide the best solutions for our teams.  Because we can combine our resources, knowledge, ideas and passions together, we make a unique blend of Awesomeness that allows both companies to win.

In my daily experience working for these two companies, together means collaborating with all partners to achieve our goals, and the goals of our owner.  When we do this, we get closer to making everyone’s dreams come to fruition through great hires, happy employees and a strong culture that brings the best out of our teams. 

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Carly Ziemer, Director of Sales

Together with our clients, we work to celebrate life’s most important moments. Graduations, weddings, funerals, retirements… We are honored to be a part of such significant times in our clients’ lives. They invite us into their world and into their homes, so we invite them into our family.

When I think about togetherness at Together & Company, I think about this family that we have formed over the years. I believe it’s what makes us different and what makes our jobs so rewarding.

In a lot of ways, it’s just like every other family: We have shared moments, celebrated milestones and made memories. These shared experiences are core to our family and they are what bind us together.


Rebecca Pettis, Director of Operations

Preparation means we can be flexible in the field.  When we are prepared, we can solve any problem that arises swiftly and before it affects our guests.  This is important work, it’s work that we can’t do alone, and it’s work we complete together with our vendors.

We have partners that help us with many different tasks from sourcing the freshest produce to servicing our phones and computers to cleaning our venues. Our partnerships are most successful when our vendor understands just how important their piece of the puzzle is. When our vendor relationships don’t work out, it always comes down to one thing: They aren’t compatible with our values. 

One of our values is Do What it Takes.  It doesn’t matter whose job it is, why a mistake happened, or when your shift was supposed to end.  We pitch in and we have everyone’s back.  This is what we ask of our team members, and so we ask it of our vendors too. 

Because when we all understand the importance of each detail and every piece of the puzzle, we are stronger.  Working together, with all of our heads, hands and hearts, we produce excellent results.