Easy Like Sunday Morning

Meghan Keding, Catering Specialist

Sunday weddings are becoming increasingly popular.  Before you set the date, check out these reasons why the last day of the weekend should be a contender for your I-Dos.  Plus, some inspiration on how to make your Sunday wedding extra special.


Let’s be honest, when wedding season rolls around, we’re all fighting for dates.  Not just for the perfect date at your favorite venue, but against other friends and family members who are fighting for your guest list. It becomes a battle of “who can get the save the date out first.” 

I have had more than one occasion where two of my friends or family members pick the same date for the big day, and I have to choose which to go to.  Choosing a Sunday can vastly eliminate this headache and may completely wipe out the competition.

Extra bonus – you’ll have tons of flexibility when choosing your vendors.  Photographers, DJs and Bands will often book Saturdays a year in advance.  Your Sunday wedding will get you the pick of the litter!


Okay well maybe not actually banana pancakes, but Sunday brunch weddings have become increasingly popular.  The world loves to brunch, so why not serve adorable Chicken & Waffle appetizers and bottomless mimosas? 

(P.S. We could really do banana pancakes.  Or better yet, a waffle bar for dessert!)


Many couples hosting Sunday weddings opt for the traditional band or DJ for dancing.  The High Line Car House has also seen our fair share of celebrations with alternative entertainment.  Board games that encourage guests to mingle, cornhole on the patio and even old-school video game consoles. 

Extra credit to anyone who brings in a pool table or sets up a mini bowling alley!


Sunday weddings tend to be more relaxed and casual.  While we still see couples who want a served meal, many Sunday weddings select a menu with heavy hors d’oeuvres or stations so that guests can choose their food more freely.  The High Line has also hosted open house style celebrations that allow for the ultimate flexibility in timeline.


Your engagement is an exciting time, full of celebration and romance.  But what is the word that you hear most often (other than “congratulations”)?  BUDGET.

A Sunday wedding significantly helps in this category.  On average, a Saturday wedding costs $24,000 at the High Line Car House while Sunday weddings average $11,000.      

Even if you decide on traditional wedding timelines and trimmings, this is a great reason to swing to the last day of the weekend.

Have we convinced you that Sunday is the day for you?