Wedding Bootcamp 2.0

By Erin Greene, Marketing Specialist

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In February, we held our second annual Wedding Bootcamp, welcoming brides and grooms to-be to the High Line Car House for a night of learning, laughs and lots of delicious food.  Attendees were in various stages of their wedding planning journey, but there was more than enough education to benefit each of them.

A lot of things happened and a ton of tips were shared.  Read the event highlights below and download all of the wedding tips HERE

  • Karate Cowboy and Simple Times Mixers helped us inspire specialty drinks with seasonal flavors and colors.  We love fresh, local ingredients and Simple Times has been a fantastic partner to us.  They served up a Pomegranate Mule, Blood Orange Lemonade, Pineapple Mule and a Cranberry Apple Cider Mule.  Check out the guide to see what they recommend for your season! 

  • Event Source and Aiden & Grace created inspiring vignettes with their beautiful furniture, decor and rentals.  We are proud to partner with both of these vendors that help make our clients' events extra special!

  • Escort Card Dos & Don'ts were popular with everyone.  There are many misconceptions about what is appropriate for your seating cards.  Our goal is to help you make it easy for guests to find their tables and for our servers to get them the right meal.  Tips and to-dos are in the guide.

  • 5 Things to Tell Your Wedding Party Before Hitting the Aisle.  This is one of my favorites.  I have two wedding pet peeves: When I can tell a groomsman sat down in his suit jacket and when folks at the front are chewing gum.  This page, featured in our guide, has all of this and more.

With the big day approaching, there is a lot to consider and a ton of choices to make.  We want to make a few of those things easier.  So check out the Wedding Bootcamp Guide for a little help and forward it on to anyone who might need it too!

Download the Wedding Bootcamp Guide for the following tips:
Seasonal Signature Drinks
Seasonal Hors D'oeuvre
Escort Card Dos & Don'ts
Tips for Speeches & Toasts
Physical Wellness - Work out plans included
Ways to Manage Stress
5 Things to Tell Your Wedding Party
How to Say Thanks but No Thanks