Top Workplace: Why It Matters


By Carly Ziemer, Director of Sales

Does it matter to our clients that this is a great place to work?  That we like our jobs?  Should it matter to them that we enjoy spending time with each other?  That we feel appreciated, fulfilled, fairly paid?  Does it matter to you, when you choose a caterer, that our team enjoys coming to work every day?

Absolutely, it matters.  It matters when you walk into a coffee shop.  You can tell right away when the person you are speaking to doesn’t like their job or really doesn’t care what you want to drink that morning.  But when that person does care, that experience – though small and short – makes your morning completely different.  When employees are appreciated, paid the right wage and treated well, that all makes its way to the customer.  The opposite works just the same way, but we will never have that problem here at TC.

We understand that unhappy people can’t create joyful occasions.  At TC, we like our jobs and we bring that happy to the party.  We are in the moments we make.  We spread that fun to our teammates, to our clients, to your guests.

Let’s talk about how this makes our events better and our clients happier:

  1. We have personal relationships with our teammates that feel more like family.  And family does two very important things:  We never let each other down and we celebrate each other’s successes.  We have each other’s backs because we won’t let one another fail.  This means that you have a cohesive team working seamlessly to make every event detail successful.  Because when you are successful, we are successful.  And that’s something we can toast about.  (You can find us at High Beck after your event.) 

  2. Because we are happy in our jobs, we stay.  The people who have face-to-face service interactions with your guests are experienced in all types of events.  We have many members of the team who have been with us for 5, 10 and 15 years.  The more experienced they are, the more they learn.  The more they learn, the better their performance. The better they do, the more you get to feel like the best-host-in-town.  We love making you look good!

  3. We have fun at work, so we’re fun to work with.  We know that not every event you’re planning is joyful.  But that doesn’t mean that the planning process needs to feel like work.  We enjoy ourselves.  We laugh, a lot.  But we can’t have fun until the work is done.  We prepare, study, empower our people to use their strengths and talents.  We get to have fun because we are confident that your event will be true to your vision.

  4. When people are passionate about their work, when they take pride in their craft, what you receive is the best it can be.  For example, take our talented and creative culinary team.  They want to push themselves, to push the envelope, and create something that impresses you.  Passionate people care about quality, and as a customer, so do you.

  5. We hire people who are inspired by their own personal growth and give them pathways that help them get where they want to go.  In the last 3 months alone Together & Company has celebrated 6 internal promotions.  So when we’re working on your event, we do the best job that we can.  We learn new ways to serve you better, to work smarter, to provide a better product.  Because we know that when we do a good job, and our clients are happy, that next opportunity could be ours.

When a client asks me what sets us apart, I always say “Service.”  That means a lot of different things to people and now I know that it isn’t specific enough.  What sets us apart is this:  We love providing hospitality.  Every one of us.  We love it and have fun doing it. 

And when you’re choosing a caterer, that should definitely matter.