By Bri Igo, Special Events Team Manager

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I love my job.

I spend my days working with happy people who want to come to work, do a good job, and make our clients as happy as they can be. I feel extremely lucky to be where I am, doing what I do. But how did I get here you ask?

Let’s talk about a little thing called opportunity. To understand how I ended up here, you need to know how my adventure seeking started…

I had just moved back to Columbus from Ohio University where I studied Food Science. I was looking for a job and wanted to break into the food service industry, so I was excited when a family friend who worked for Together & Company said she would put in a good word for me.  And when I was offered a job working in the Together & Company Kitchen, I jumped at the opportunity. From the day I started at TC, I felt very comfortable. Everyone was happy to come to work and always willing to help me or answer my questions. We had fun every day. Working in the kitchen was fast-paced, loud, and busy – I felt right at home.

After working in the kitchen for about a year, I started working some events.  I loved being in the action, getting to know more people throughout the company and learning what happens outside of the TC kitchen.  I wanted to learn even more.  When I heard there was a full-time job opening, I was immediately curious.  When I found out it was for staffing – that I’d be working directly with our people and at events – I was completely interested.  So I applied and was offered the position as Staffing Coordinator.

I was so ready for this new opportunity and I dove right in.  

For two years I have worked to fill our events with talented and dedicated staff.  I've updated our training processes to improve the Together & Company service standards.  I have grown, personally and professionally, while meeting great people who have taught me so much.  I have come far from that eager girl running around the TC kitchen. 

I was recently promoted to Special Events Team Manager.  Again, I am excited for new challenges, and new opportunities to learn and grow in this role.  I can’t wait to see where Together & Company takes me next.