My Favorite Events

by Kate Caffrey, Event Supervisor / Manager / Decor Artist

Have you ever watched a video of a skier falling down a mountain?  You know how every time he hits a rock, everyone makes that audible "OHHH" sound?  

That was my first event with Together & Company.  I'll never forget it.

Five servers crammed into one van with all the food - I rode in the back on top of a hot box.  During that event, I managed to drop a full tray of glasses into the client’s salt-water swimming pool and I became the skier in that video.  Glass after glass slid off of my tray as guests said "ohh!"   At the end of the night, the nanny had to get into the pool and pick out all of the glass. I went home in tears telling my husband that Together & Company would never let me work again. 

My first shift - that I thought would be my last - has turned into ten crazy years of a great job.  And each year, I look forward to the same events.  Here are my top favorites:

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KEYHOLDER:  I have worked Keyholder for many years (designing décor, serving, event supervising or managing).  My favorite year by far was when Melissa Etheridge was the guest speaker… OMG!  Fangirl much?  She was amazing, she sang, she waved and said hi!  That was definitely my most memorable event to date.

(Editor's Note:  Don't forget to buy your tickets for Keyholder 2018!)

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LITTLE BROWN JUG:  I am a morning person.  Every year I drive out to Delaware County and watch the sun rise over the fairgrounds.  Standing in the quiet, smelling our yummy breakfast food cook as our team starts to trickle in, coffee in hand – nothing beats it.  Plus, this event is one where everyone “does what it takes”.  It’s amazing to watch everyone pitch in.

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JOE’S HOLIDAY PARTY:  Joe has been a client of ours for 20 years.  Angela still attends his party and helps cook the food in his kitchen.  We just catered his event for the 19th time.  It’s always incredible to see the menu and décor our team creates.  I can’t wait to see what it is this year!

We cater many amazing events each year and what really makes it special is working with a family of coworkers.  I have friends who are leaving for the night but stop and help unload vans at 2am.  I have people who go out of their way to pick up shifts, so we’re not understaffed. 

Everyone understands, they know what it takes and they do it.  They all have my back and I have theirs.