Leave It Better Than You Found It

Hi All - This is Erin.  Before you read the main story, let me steal your attention for a moment...

Recently, our fabulous marketing intern and the woman behind 20 Years Fresh took an amazing opportunity at The Ohio State University.  She had become an integral voice on our team and as we said our goodbyes, I asked her to write one final post for this blog.  In this post, she reflects on a value that we have just added to our list, but one that has been core to our company character since the beginning.  It is a characteristic that I take very seriously, especially when working with my team and most certainly when helping our interns.

I hope that we left a mark on Sydney's life and that we left her better than we found her.  I know that she did that for me and our team.

Leave everything you touch better than you found it.

By: Sydney Keuhn, Talented Young Professional

Hi- Syd here again!  

As the new year is starting and many of us are taking on new goals and new adventures, I reflect on something that I am so grateful to be a part of: the Together & Company culture and family. 

We have talked many times this year about how important our values are and how we live them every day. Together & Company values are what drew me to this company. They were the catalyst for me being employed here, for me loving my time here, and for me now leaving with a heavy, yet full, heart. 

At Together & Company, there is an unspoken attitude and feeling.  We live our values through the way we treat each other, our clients, and all our relationships. By helping someone out when they need it. By going above and beyond the job description to ensure perfection.  By problem solving on the fly. It is all of our values portrayed through all of our employees. And I quickly learned that it is your responsibility and duty at Together & Company to leave it better than you found it. "It" being everything we touch: every event, every space, every person, and every situation we encounter, our goal is to have a positive impact on it

I strongly believe we are each capable of having an impact on this world. 

At Together & Company, this means composting and donating as much food as possible.  Cleaning a room spotless after we've catered an event.  It means having an impact on every individual we meet: teaching our employees and helping them to grow, building strong relationships with our partners and advising our clients honestly. 

As I begin the next stages of my life, I reflect on the countless things Together & Company has taught me.  The most important ones that come to mind, though, aren't technical skills or assets.  They are qualities and characteristics that you can't get from a textbook.  Certain ways of thinking and behaving that go beyond qualifications. They are values that have landed me at my next amazing destination, a job at the Ohio State University. It is such a bittersweet feeling, to be leaving a place that I love so much, but returning to a place that I feel at home. 

Together & Company has been an amazing place to make my transition from college student to full time employee. So as this new year starts, as well as my new job, I will always keep in mind and operate by the Together & Company values. 

I have been touched and impacted by so many people here. I am (hopefully) leaving Together & Company better than I found it and Together & Company is (absolutely) leaving me better than they found me.

Until next time!
With love,
Sydney Kuehn