Party 13/20 | OSU Homecoming

By Angela Rulli, Sydney Kuehn, Alexa Romano, Angela Edgemon

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The Ohio State University has been a special part of my journey with Together & Company.  One of my first clients was with the Office of the President (no pressure there) and through my connection with a super creative and supportive Event Planner, I was able to meet and network with many other Schools, Departments, and Colleges at OSU.  I’m pretty sure I’ve met Brutus around 500 times and know that my staff will have a great photo op when he’s on site.
Two things stick out in my mind when I think of OSU events: creative events and great partnerships.  When I say stick out in my mind – it’s literal.  The year was 2013 and I will never forget it:  We created a dessert party where all items were presented on a stick.  Pies, cake push up pops, whoopie pies, snowflake sugar cookies, s'mores, buckeye cake pop, and more…  These creative events keep my job fresh.   

In regards to partnerships, I’ve been very lucky.  The planners I work with regularly are thorough and strategic which allows us to develop great events together.

This is especially important on busy days... like Homecoming.  This year, we had 5 events at 5 different locations on campus, all happening simultaneously. 

Thanks to those organized planners, our team had a great day and our guests had fun too.   I value those partnerships and they have made my journey here at TC extra special.  

Ohio State has also brought us some very talented interns.  I'll let them tell the rest of the story...

Angela Edgemon - Design Intern

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I'm going to be honest here: the one and only OSU football game that I attended as an Undergrad student was the game that broke a 23 game winning streak. It was cold. A near constant mist made everything damp, and to top it off, *ichigan State beat us. Call me superstitious, or maybe just not the most enthusiastic lover of all things sports-ball, but in that moment I decided not only was I bad luck, but that I wouldn't set foot in the stadium again until necessary.

And I didn't— not until nearly two years later, marching alongside over ten thousand of my closest friends and rocking the weirdest Grad-cap sunburn my pale, red head self could manage. 

But while I may never care about football, OSU is my alma mater and Columbus is my home. Revisiting campus and experiencing that contagious Buckeye Pride this past Homecoming weekend for Together & Company only made me wish I had bought tickets to more games. (I never even tailgated - come on!) Even three months after graduation, working and grateful for no more homework, I can appreciate the camaraderie.

It reminds me of what we have here at Together & Company; that, despite being a diverse collection of ages and backgrounds, we're a family. 

Post-grad life at Together & Company has only given me time to grow and learn, both as an individual and within a team. Working alongside the Marketing Squad Pod (Jealous? We know we're cool.) and a group of talented ladies has been a dream. In many ways I have learned more here than I did in my classes and, at the very least, honed those skills. Coincidentally, this post comes at a perfect time; it was exactly this time last year when I decided I needed a change from my old job and began interviewing with Together & Company. And while I plan to move forward into the "real world" soon (because intern status =/= adulthood, right?) my time at Together & Comapny has been unforgettable.

Sydney Kuehn

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One of my most favorite things in the world. There is truly nothing else like it. Sights, sounds, smells, tastes, feels.. FEELS, alllll the feels. Every year of my undergrad I eagerly awaited football season. It meant the start of a new year of classes, getting to see friends again, and settling back into a routine... Homecoming represents my entire OSU career: academia, social life, sports, extra curricular activities, family, alumni, community, etc.  

As I walk through this sea of red as an official alumna (seriously how did 4 years go by so fast?!), I can't help but get emotional. I am extremely grateful and so fond of my time at Ohio State, and even more grateful to have had the opportunity to stay in Columbus after graduation and work for a company that has such a good relationship with the school. Columbus is my home (CLE at heart) and the buckeyes are my team, and now TC is my team too. And I'm more than happy to trade in my scarlet and grey for green on occasion. (However, I do miss my 3rd row end zone seats with a view so close that I could see the expression on Curtis Samuel's face as he scored in double overtime against *ichigan last year. NBD. )

I feel this connection deep in my roots. I feel it as I travel through different parts of my life and to different places on this Earth.  I am connected to OSU in my heart of hearts, but also in my connections to others that bridge any other difference we may have.  Most of all, I feel an extreme sense of pride.

I feel proud of my alma mater and of my company. They both exhibit qualities that I hold so near and dear to my heart: tradition, great relationships, teamwork, a higher purpose, and friendship. 

How firm thy friendship.

Alexa Romano- Social Media Intern

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While I am already two months into my senior year at Ohio State, I’ve been suppressing the thought that graduation follows my next semester. This year, I’ve wanted to live in the moment, make memories, and appreciate what I have at Ohio State while I’m still here.

But when I walked into The Shoe for the Homecoming game, it really hit me that this time next year will have a whole new meaning, and I’ll be “coming home” as an Ohio State alumna.

I had never been a huge football fan, but game day quickly became one of my favorite parts of Ohio Sate during my freshman year. And four years later, it still is. It isn’t the game being played on the field that means the most to me; it’s the pride and sense of community in the crowd that surrounds it. The 100,000+ seats in the stadium are filled with students from all over the world, alumni who have all followed different career paths, and fans of all kinds just there for the love of the game. People from all walks of life are in those stands, but all of those differences go away when we’re all singing Carmen Ohio together…at that moment we become family.

Ohio State has become family, and Columbus has become home.