Little Brown Jug

By Rebecca Pettis, Director of Operations

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14 Years.

14 years is a long time to cater an event.  Let alone an event the size of the Little Brown Jug Hospitality Pavilion at the Delaware County Fair Grounds.

Known as the "Kentucky Derby of Harness Racing,"  the Little Brown Jug draws a crowd from all over the world.  I started catering in the VIP Hospitality Pavilion when I worked for another company and was so excited to win the bid for Together & Company when I changed jobs and started here 6 years ago.  I had experience with the event and Together & Company definitely had the resources, which is great because serving 2,500 guests, 3 meals a day for 2 days is not an easy thing to do.  It takes culinary expertise, a lot of staff and a ton of hard work to pull it off. 

In the 14 years I've worked Little Brown Jug, not much has changed.  We put little twists on the event and menu to keep it fresh, but our crowd knows what to expect when they arrive: awesome service from friendly faces and a lot of great food options served all day long.

I'm glad that it stays the same.  The tradition has allowed the team that I work with on-site to become family.  We have a special bond and stay in touch throughout the year, celebrating birthdays, going out to dinner and checking in on each other's families.  Even some of the guests have become old friends... like the Australians who pass out koala bear pins, or the nice man who looks for me every year (because I always saved him the best table).  I can't forget to mention the electrician who really didn't like me at first - I was very specific about what I needed.  Over the years, we've become a team, helping each other make this event excellent.

It is these relationships that make me look forward to the event all year, and it's amazing to see the way our team works together to pull it off.  From menu planning with Chef and Shawn, to collaborating with marketing for signage, staffing to fill shifts and operations to figure out how to pull this all off, everyone in the company gets involved in making sure the event is a success each year.  Over 30 staff members work hard to keep our guests happy.  Not to mention the culinary team that works our back of house (a 1,000 square foot kitchen built on site at the fairgrounds!) executing the event with precision.

When the last race ends, our staff transitions quickly into cleanup mode.  We pack our trucks wall to wall and drive out of Delaware back to downtown Columbus, exhausted but exhilarated:  Another year in the books.

See you in 2018 Little Brown Jug!

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