Be The Cookie | VIDEO

By Angela Petro

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Anyone who knows me understands that I think in pictures and love analogies. 

It’s something of an office joke that Petro can’t describe anything without asking everyone to imagine it were a hat, a pterodactyl or a brooch…

For many years I’ve asked people to “Be the Cookie” when I’m describing why every person’s role in the company is important - why it makes a huge difference when we refuse to pass our mistakes or problems on to the next person.  Be the Cookie started because I wanted our team to really internalize that we don't just bake a cookie.  When a client orders a cookie, a journey begins.  The cookie is baked, delivered, and finally devoured with joy by our clients.  We must BE the cookie and visualize that process from beginning to end.  (Okay, maybe it's a little weird to imagine you were just consumed by a valued client, but you get my point.)

It can be really easy in life to just put your head down and get YOUR job done.  But sometimes when we only see our task, we lose sight of the greater mission.  

Our team honors each and every part of the journey so that everything we touch will ultimately make its way to our clients with excellence.

So... Be the Cookie... right?