It's All In The Details

By Rebecca Pettis, Operations Manager

Welcome to the TC Operations Department!

I am Rebecca, the Operations Manager at Together & Company. I have enjoyed a 15 year career in the Hospitality Industry, specializing in off-premise catering and large scale events. When I came to Together & Company five years ago, I started in the sales department. I loved working with our clients, but at the time, we needed someone behind the scenes to make sure each event came together perfectly for our clients.

Why do I love Operations? I love being able to solve challenges that occur, having to think quick on my feet, and taking the pieces and parts and putting them together to make spectacular experiences. On any given day you can find my AWESOME team working on a myriad of tasks that are imperative to each event. From delivering a classic box lunch meal to an office to putting together equipment for a 3,000 person event, everything Together & Company does is touched by the Operations team.

Sarah Rodriguez - Operations Lead

In Operations we get to interact with our customers through our casual event orders, but much of what we do is behind the scenes. In a previous post, Catering Specialist Meghan described the “Creative Vortex”… Our job is to work with our culinary team and event staff to bring those creative ideas to life.

If you were to describe our teams in a single word they would be broken down as follows:

Catering Specialists: dreamers - imagine and create these gorgeous one of a kind events suited to each client's vision.
Culinary Team: artists - bringing the menu and the event to life with the fabulous food that they create.

Finally, in Operations we are the "coordinators"

Coordinate / kōˈôrdəˌnāt / (v.) - to bring the different elements of a complex activity or organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony

At Together & Company we have very high standards when it comes to service and quality. Our job in Operations is to take the “Big Picture” and to think about each small piece and part to make sure we deliver that quality that our customers have come to expect.

George Dowling - Operations Lead

To our customers, we are seen as delivery drivers, but we do so much more in the Operations department to make sure your event is amazing. As Sarah mentioned, we work to analyze every event and act as the "unseen" organization. Whether it’s figuring out how to logistically brew 50 gallons of coffee, planning ahead for extra guests, or problem solving on the fly - we always strive to do what it takes to make sure every event is an overwhelming success!

Heather Ramsey – Operations Lead

One of my favorite things about food is the detail it requires. Steak must be cooked to the proper temperature and no more; a heavy-handed salt pour could ruin even the best chocolate chip cookies (been there); and those fruits skewers need to be displayed on the appropriate platter to keep the juices from ruining your beautiful table spread. That last one is where Operations comes in.

Sarah was right. The event starts with your idea, occasion, or dream. That dream is interpreted into the language of hors d’oeuvres and tablecloths and brought to life by the catering specialist. Our kitchen team executes with excellence. We help bring all of that magic back to you. Whether it’s a stunning cocktail reception at the High Line Car House (passing trays, aprons, platters, cocktail forks, glassware, pitchers, corkscrews, ice, straws, napkins, liquor, mixers, shakers, jiggers, lighters, tablecloths, I could go on…and that’s just for the first hour) or a drop off lunch for your coworker’s birthday (napkins, cutlery, serving utensils, plates, cups, coffee, beverages, sugar, creamer, stir sticks, don’t forget the cake server!), we put thought into what you could possibly need or want and we put time into getting that for you. It’s a blast and it’s all in the details.

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