Hiring by Our Values

By Key Shakoor, Human Resources Manager

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I was secretly hoping that I would be asked to write a 20 Years Fresh Blog post.  Because I’m hoping to become the next great American novelist?  No.  I’m not a great author… and not a great comedian, either.  In fact, my written communications have been called downright dry.   So, I’m going to try not to bore the pants off you all.  Are you still reading???

Great!  So, I’m Key Shakoor, the Human Resources Manager, and I’m excited to write a post, because I have the coolest job ever at the most fun company ever and I’ve been wanting to talk about it.  First of all, I love all aspects of HR.  I even love the boring stuff.  Explaining benefits to employees? Yeppers, that fun to me.   But, my favorite part of my job is hiring, because at TC we hire by our values.  Quick recap of our values:

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How do we hire by our values?  When hiring we are not just looking for matches in skill set and ability.  We only hire the very best candidates who also embody our values.  This way we make certain that all of our TC teams members are committed to providing the excellent guest experiences and positive workplace culture that Together & Company is known for.  

Do What It Takes

We hire go-getters who believe the “extra mile” is just the beginning.  Have you heard the story about the tent flying into the lake?  Yep, our Operations Manager waded out and got it.

Love What You Do

TC team members love their jobs, whether it’s culinary, events, operations, accounting, graphic design, marketing, or human resources.  We love our respective fields and our passion spills over into everything we touch.  Hospitality hearts complementing creative spirits.

Have Fun Doing It

We only hire candidates who are smiling and laughing in the interview, radiating positivity, and excited for new challenges.  Then, when they are team members and see Angela dancing in the office or telling an animated funny story, they naturally join in the impromptu party.  

All for One, One for All

Only team-players need apply.  If 1,000 sandwiches need to be made in the middle of the night on a weekend (it happens), then we are all sandwich makers.  “Can’t,” “won’t,” and “not going to” are not in the lexicon.  We don’t know what they mean.  

We do what it takes, love what we do, and have fun doing it, for our clients and for each other, all for one and one for all, because that’s how we hire.

Now, anyone want to discuss benefits???