Cheryl's Desserts

By Cheryl Kuhn, Bakeshop Lead

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Hi, I'm Cheryl and I make the cookies here at Together & Company!  (No, not those "Cheryl's Cookies"). We make a lot more than just cookies here in the TC Bakeshop.
I started at Together & Company five years ago, fresh out of culinary school.  At that time we were working at the "old place" located in Westerville.  Occasionally, when new people come to work with us now, I feel like their grandmother as I tell them, "You don't know how good you have it!  At the 'old place' we had to walk outside in 6 feet of snow just to get our produce out of the cooler!" Which is a semi-true statement... I mean maybe there wasn't 6 feet of snow, but we did have to go outside!

It's been amazing to be a part of this company's growth!

When I started, I was coming in at 4am making sandwiches and salads but for the past three years I've been baking up a storm. You name it, I’ve made it… all kinds of two-bite desserts, biscuits, scones, focaccia, muffins, cakes, breads, granola… not to mention the crazy number of cookies we make! The Holiday cookie count alone was over 2,000 last year!  It can definitely be a lot of hard work but it's also A LOT of fun.  
In celebration of all that fun, I'd like to share some of my favorite desserts I have made in the bake shop here at TC. 

Cheryl's Top 5 Sweet Treats:

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Stone fruit tart
We made this beautiful bundle of purple, blue, and red for Franklin Park Conservatory’s Field to Table event two years ago. The gluten free tart shell was filled with mixed berry pastry cream, topped with plums, black berries, raspberries and blueberries all soaked in a blackberry liqueur and then dusted with powdered sugar. It was boozy. It was creamy. It was the perfect mix of flavors for late summer.  

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Lemon Tart
Our lemon bars are my favorite dessert that we make and this beautiful Lemon Tart was created for a more upscale, plated meal. The curd contains olive oil, which seems strange, but somehow it makes the lemon taste even more lemony. They are unbelievably delicious! 

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Opera Cake
Our Opera cake is made of delicious layers of almond sponge, coffee Italian meringue butter cream, vanilla Italian meringue butter cream and chocolate topped with a chocolate mirror glaze. It's rich and somehow delicate at the same time.

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Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta
Our panna cotta isn’t just a boring vanilla custard. It has a great vanilla flavor but it also contains toasted fennel seed. Some people, myself included, are put off by the anise flavor, but it works so well with this dessert! It's really the only way I like to use fennel. We top it with a tart, tangy berry coulis and a lacy Florentine cookie

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Margarita Cupcake
Sometimes clients come to us with fun, themed parties and we get to be creative with the menu to create some awesome items that fit their vision.  We recently got to try out some margarita cupcakes for a Mexican themed event. We used lime zest and tequila simple syrup to flavor a white cake batter then topped them with simple butter cream, big crystal sugar and some more lime zest.

The business just keeps on growing and I'm excited to see what fun, new, delicious desserts we will get to create! 

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