Take your Beer & BBQ game to the next level!


This weekend will be full of parties and entertaining with friends and family, and while it’s the heart of grilling season, July 4th is also the no. 1 beer drinking holiday of the year! Last year during the week of July 4th, Americans drank more than 39 million cases of beer -- that’s 11.2 billion ounces of beer! 

Fruit flavored beer sales spiked significantly in summer 2014 with a 23% increase from 2013. Additionally, cooler regions of the U.S. (Northeast, Midwest and Great Lakes) tend to have the highest percentage of annual beer sales during the summer than warmer regions. 

Beer is one of summer’s most versatile beverages. It goes great with grilled favorites – from steaks, to burgers and fish and more. 

We have some tips on which hoppy flavors to pair with your grilled, summertime favorites.  


Chargrilled Burger + American Lager 

Try: Budweiser served in a Tumbler or Pint glass

Lagers offer crisp and well balanced flavors with malty sweetness and complex hopping, which accentuate the rich, juicy flavors of a burger, even served with spicy chili sauce or cheese. 







Grilled Salmon + Pilsner

Try: Kirin Light served in a Pilsner glass 


Pilsners are traditionally dryer with more distinct hoppiness, creating a quenching, fruity sweetness and zestiness with mineral notes – they are excellent to pair with fish like grilled salmon.  







BBQ Chicken + IPA

Try: Columbus IPA (from local Columbus Brewing Company) served in a Snifter glass

Nothing says summer liked BBQ chicken seasoned with a blend of herbs, spices and marinades. An India Pale Ale, which has floral notes and a distinct bold hoppy character, accentuates these spices and creates a really dimensionalized flavor combination.







Spicy Pork Sausage + Amber Lager 

Try: Michelob AmberBock served in a Tulip Glass

This Amber Lager has a malty backbone, underpinned by a soft bitterness from the hops that goes great with meat like spicy pork sausage that has a kick to it.  












For more information on pairings, tips, trends, and all things beer, visit the Let's Grab A Beer tumblr page!