It's been 20 years.
And we're just getting started.


We’ve got more than 20 years of culinary and event experience under our belts. From our beginnings as Two Caterers to today, we’ve learned that fresh thinking, dynamic energy, and committed teamwork make everything we do, better. 

At Together & Company, our work isn’t just about catering. It’s about caring. Cooking with purpose. Presenting with intention. Serving with care. Treating guests like family. 

When it comes to ideas and ingredients, we insist on freshness. For every event, we ask ourselves: How can we help this feel more special? For every dish: How can we give this our unique twist? We’ve spent more than two decades cooking and hosting, and every day we challenge ourselves to do it better.  

Whether we’re dropping off a boxed lunch or orchestrating a sit-down dinner, we’re on a mission to bring people together. To deliver warm, considerate hospitality. To answer any question or need, and handle every detail with tireless attention and energy. You and your guests can relax, savor seriously impeccable food, and enjoy each other’s company.  

Every person here considers it their responsibility to go all out giving you a flawless experience, from the start of planning to the follow-up after. We pour our whole hearts into creating an event to remember—one that captures your vision and honors the occasion.  

We do all this because we believe that gathering for a meal is one of the best things we can do together.

Because we care about the food.

And we care about the people eating it even more.