Not sure what to serve?

Take our quiz to determine your holiday party personality – and the menu that’s perfect for your celebration!


See the results:

holiday2017-turkeyplatter-8 copy.jpg

The Traditionalist  You treasure holiday memories, family traditions and classic holiday activities. Every year you bake cookies following your Grandma’s recipe and decorate with passed-down décor. To you, the holidays – and your holiday menus – are all about tradition! 

SLICED TURKEY BREAST / Pair with house made turkey gravy, traditional bread stuffing and oven roasted green beans 


The Homebody You think the holidays are best spent quietly at home with a cup of hot chocolate, cuddled up by the fire with family and friends. Your menu is made up of comfort foods that remind you of home. To you, the plans don’t matter as long as you’re surrounded by loved ones.

STUFFED BEEF TENDERLOIN ROULADE / Pair with house smashed potatoes and salt and pepper Brussels sprouts 

BakedHoneyMustardChickenThigh-Edit copy.jpg

The Trendsetter  You’re the first to try the newest restaurant in town or check out that new pop-up shop. Your gifts are always cool gadgets or trendy fashion. Every holiday you want to try something new, visit a new town, and get new stuff!  Every year you enjoy serving a different, exciting meal at your celebration.

BAKED HONEY MUSTARD CHICKEN THIGH / Pair with root vegetable hash 


The Socialite You have a refined palette and know your tastes.  You choose the best Champagne which is butler passed to the guests standing around your perfectly decorated living room.  Your style is as timeless as the dishes you love to eat.

COQ AU VIN / Pair with roasted redskins and heirloom carrots